New humiliation Poroshenko was not invited to the G20

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Новое унижение Порошенко: не позвали на G20 | Продолжение проекта «Русская Весна»Ukraine offended: Moscow seeks to implement a circuit solution to the conflict in the Donbass without its participation. Russia underestimated the contribution of climate Chugunkin in the implementation of the Minsk-2, and Poroshenko in a rumpled suit to see at the negotiating table by the Europeans no longer want. Everyone understands that the current leaders of Ukraine – the weak-willed puppets, who passed his sovereignty and geopolitical status box of cookies on the Maidan.

So what is there to communicate with talking dolls? Therefore, the Russian authorities are trying to implement a solution to the military conflict in the Donbass without Ukraine’s participation. This opinion was expressed Director of the Institute for political analysis and international studies Sergei Tolstov. “It’s perfect for Putin – to solve the issue with France and Germany, to designate the neutral status of Ukraine and to identify the prevailing interests of Russia in the post – Soviet space”, – said the analyst.
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Oh and sly, Fiery Dragon!

Ciatica smarter Khokhlov: do not yell “Muscovites on knives”, but the forest buy in Canada is twice as expensive as in Russia and the silk road through Georgia, bypassing Russia – twice as expensive, but in the war all means are good…

Originally posted by xianyoung at China issued a harsh refutation of the libel on the Russian-Chinese relations

The main Chinese news Agency “Xinhua”, always expressing the point of view of the Chinese government, made a detailed and very strong statement about the “stuffing” on the relations of China with Russia.
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