Astakhov stays or leaves?

Астахов Песков

Astakhov on the news still appears, as a Commissioner, and the Kremlin still believe that children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov will resign, told reporters on Wednesday, press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.
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The process has begun. The opposition of Belarus won a seat in Parliament for the first time in 20 years

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Intel Joule details

What do Japanese robot bartender, who knows how to maintain a meaningful dialogue with a person, and goggles for Airbus, which protect not only the eyes of the worker from dangerous items, but the aircraft that he assembles from mistakes?

If the answer is difficult, then here’s a hint. They have in common is the same as the French police motorcycle helmet, which recognize the numbers on the transport and shows him who wears it, useful information and e-Panda Bamboo from Microsoft, which knows a lot of foreign languages and is able to analyze emotional expressions.
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[The sandbox] How life began: LEGO in the washing machine

Recently visited with children at Moscow’s interactive Museum of Living Systems (metro Savelovskaya). Among other things, caught my eye an interesting experiment on the topic “how life began” with Lego bricks. In the washing machine lay scattered Lego Duplo and after an hour or two removed. The output meet the design of two, three and sometimes even four parts.

The experiment was designed to show that the primary broth could be formed by chance complicated connections and life in General.
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“The thing I’m trembling or right?”

Original taken from sasha_bobrov in “the Thing I’m trembling or right?”

Clearly, Raskolnikov and Dostoevsky, was a “loathsome creature”, because they blindly believed in God and in goodness. But the Ministry of health of the United States is definitely “right” and removes the moratorium on crossbreeding humans with animals.

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When the photos are proof?

Original taken from apxiv in When the photos are proof?

About the epic debate that has unfolded in the comments to the post are Investigating the simulators NASA and the trick of Copperfield, will lead a figurative comparison. For example, steep experts made very high-quality photos and videos with a plot: “Igor Greek on the moon watching the Earth rise”, “Igor Greek on the ISS in zero gravity in acrobatics and Igor Grek in the open space to show off like a worm on a hook, imitating the first postprogram Leonov and white.

Post in LiveJournal and ask the question how is this done?
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What makes cigarette: not to look nervous!

A large part of our population smoke. While smokers believe that the cigarette is almost environmentally friendly product.

How could it be otherwise? Because it is composed of tobacco from the best plantations and tissue paper, which in principle can not carry any harm. But is it all true?
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Hitler did not believe…

A month after the outbreak of war the Nazis (allegedly) destroyed the air forces of the Soviet Union. In this way, then balaboly solidarity with bullshit (“liberals”, anti-Soviet), the current (and other Rezun). However it is unclear if anyone to Sep destroyed on vostochnom front almost all of the Luftwaffe (i.e., number of aircraft with which the Germans entered the war) is not clear. Well, okay.
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