Astakhov stays or leaves?

Астахов Песков

Astakhov on the news still appears, as a Commissioner, and the Kremlin still believe that children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov will resign, told reporters on Wednesday, press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.
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Interesting facts about birthday

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• Most people celebrate their birthday in August (around 9% of all people). There are still two months, which is the high rate of birth: July and September.
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National signs on a Leap year

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The next Leap year: 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, 2040

In a Leap year it is impossible to start anything serious – build a house, a large contract or transaction, shopping, weddings and much more. All this was banned. Because nothing good comes out of such undertakings will not work – everything will soon collapse and will bring a lot of problems. It is also possible not to change a job and an apartment.
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Happy birthday, Maduro!

“Happy birthday, President!” Today, November 23, the birthday of the Venezuelan President. Celebrating it away from home and in a working visit to Tehran at the summit of member countries of the gas exporting. However, presidents do not get used.
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Kids in a cage


News on the main page one news portal. Children of oligarchs as actors in Comedy and in tragedy.
Again: “Sobchak and Urgant made for a birthday of 9-year-old son of an oligarch”

“Businessman Ali Beglov spent on the preparation and celebration of 27 million rubles.
Birthday Naila beglova, son of the General Director of “LUKOIL-bunker” Ali Beglov, celebrated in the Northern capital. According Life78, the businessman has spent on the preparation and celebration of 390 thousand euros.”

Two: “Killed his mother the son of an oligarch Sosina: Parents gave me a lot”
“19-year-old Egor Sosin, son of Russian oligarch Igor Sosin, strangled his mother in the hotel in Kazan, admitted that not spoiled by parental attention. On their pages in social networks he talked about his relationship with the family, noting that he wants to be independent from her.”
Psychotherapist, psychologist and philosopher Viktor Frankl, the last in the war, the Nazi concentration camp in 1972 in his lecture for the students formulated the impact of senses on the young man’s life. Prior to that, Frankl drew on a vinimaniye kind of “epidemic” of suicides among the so-called “Golden mouldie” in America. Young people commit suicide in the absence of a true meaning of life.

With this theory mates and the horror of Nietzschean eternal return, a meaningless whirlpool, frightening and breaking the knee of the strongest. It goes well with her frightened Andrei Makarevich in his role of “smart men”, in one episode of the popular movie.

“Restaurants are nice, good machine”, but the future is not. Frightening really to think of anything very difficult. The present without the future is death, in a sense.
You will ask what is written above is connected with two first given the news? Communication, in my opinion, obvious. The futility of existence translates into the terror of tomorrow, and, in the end – in search of the way out of the situation. Because bessmyslennoe Life is terrible, then naturally, the search for yield leads to Death, how to comfort.
This is Capitalism as such. The Communists give to the question about man and the meaning of life quite different answers. And are these responses in a quite different semantic field, in the field of development, in the historical rise of mankind, expressed a brief definition of the Kingdom of Freedom.

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