Of the “benefits” of eating raw food and other fads and what’s behind it

…Hardly anyone will argue that the differences between male and female body due to the role that each sex plays in procreation. And it is difficult to prove that there are any exceptions from this statement. Including the fact that women have more body fat, suggests that the presence of such interlayers is a necessary condition to ensure a normal pregnancy and gestation.

The people always existed confidence that excessive thinness is an obstacle for the normal passage of pregnancy.
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Mannerheimin to answer

Overworked gentlemen in the theater. Lost sense of proportion, a sense of self-worth. The powers that be opened in the city-hero of Leningrad, survived the blockade deviationism, during which famine killed more than 600 thousand people, a commemorative plaque accomplice to the Nazis – the Finnish commander Carl Mannerheim. This event raised a large wave of public resentment. The part of the community that remembers and honors the history of his country.
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