Free censorship and democratic propaganda


Sometimes, getting acquainted with news from the world of democracy, I feel Paganel, who came across the strange unknown insect. Just a delight feeling on the correct shapes of wings, antennae, and other spiracles.
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info about “Da JI” by Denis Ochakov

On the history with the detention of well-known characters “Da JI” MGB LNR briefly:

For me not so important fake news or not, disturbs another.

I frankly negative attitude to his journalism, and in General with “tainted” friend is purely subjective, it doesn not mean that someone gives me or anyone the right to denigrate mere man. There should be a court, a guilty verdict and then talk to will.
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Chock named Stalic!

The old clown in the arena again, now that marasmus and lover of the pasties had a bust-up with a girl on Facebook, you see the old fart was risovalka no, from what the girl wrote that at the airport a bunch of wogs.

I have always said: the Trouble with this country is idiots. Such as, the same Stalik the khankishiyev is not the best representative of his people. In Russia, unfortunately, comes all the garbage from Central Asia. A normal person with head and hands, will always find themselves at home. Come here and chocks.
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