“Nabooti”, prosecutorial and sapulci”: merry massacre in Kiev

Implacable, merciless and even insane war against corruption declared by Kiev, “pursuant to the European commitments of Ukraine”, entered into a decisive stage. I ran out of popcorn and so the next episodes of the “war” had to watch dry. It (the war) everything is fine: here’s a special COP unit CORD, the best-trained American instructors from Texas, where they twisted the tails of girls, stormed the Central office of the state border service. The centre of Kiev, just four minutes brisk walk to free toilet, located in the national Shrine – the “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”.
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The details of the capture of Ukrainian saboteurs to Crimea

Original taken from andreyvadjra in the Details of the capture of Ukrainian saboteurs to Crimea

According to the FSB, in the North of Crimea were two armed incident, which involved agents of the main intelligence Directorate (Gur) of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. On the night of August 7, a group of seven armed men who were dressed in the camouflage of Soviet design, inflatable boats were transported via the Gulf of Perekop and planted near Armyansk.
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Journey Crimean women from Simferopol to Kiev

In the good old days, when between Simferopol and Kiev was a train that I often visited the capital, because I love this city (How not to love you, my Kiev!” – this old song today Crimeans are particularly relevant).

But in the last two years, do it rarely, as the road became more difficult, and crossing borders – it’s all for me stress: I can not get used to the fact that we shared. But recently finally decided on a trip, very much wanted to be back in Kiev, to breathe its free airand see old friends.
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The terrorist state of Ukraine


Almost every Olympics is now accompanied by military provocations from the West. Only in 2012, when the Olympics were held in one of the “bulwarks of democracy”, London was relatively quiet, apparently, the commercial interests of big business outweighed the desire to hurt Russia.
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Middle East turns to the North

Inthe East are tired of the intrigue! The East wants the World! Together with Russia!

Original taken from kanchukov_sa in the Middle East turns to the North

Original taken from serfilatov in the Middle East turns to the North

There is nothing more interesting than to watch the Geopolitics in real time. While being mindful of the eternal Maxim: “Politics is the art of the possible”.
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The recipe is “clean” Olympic games from Guardian


The Guardian newspaper came up withhow to get rid of corruption and other scandals at the Olympic games. Finally a bright mind democratic journalist brought the benefit of mankind!
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The new series of the soap Opera “Putinslil”

Originally posted by sokura at the Version from the newspaper Version. The West and Kiev is no longer needed “Minsk-2”

Original taken from wod_1958 in the Version from the newspaper Version. The West and Kiev is no longer needed “Minsk-2”

Exclude Russia from the negotiations on the Donbass

In vain the Russian foreign Ministry doldonit that the alternative to the Minsk negotiation process. Already there: from now on the fate of Donbass will be decided not in Moscow, Berlin and Paris, with the participation of Kiev, and in a very different international format – the “big five” (USA, UK, Germany, France and Italy) plus Ukraine. Russia, therefore, is not just pointed to the door – threw it away. Well, Russian diplomats that happen with the “Minsk-2”, to meet it, man, now there is only wipe.

Few of the experts are seriously counting on an infinite continuation of the Minsk talks: “Minsk-2” was needed only temporarily, in order to completely eliminate the “Russian forces” in the Donbass. Of course, addressing the “Minsk-2”, which, as asserted by the Russian diplomats, there is no alternative, even Kiev was not going to perform. In General, due to the “Minsk-2” Ukraine has been strengthened on the South-Eastern border, concentrating there a hundred thousand well-armed military group, and completely blocked the further expansion of the “Russian spring”. Moscow, therefore, was in a very bad position deceived naive “nerd”.
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We in the EU tradition. Once in a century my friends are going to the Reich and climb into the den to bear…

Well, that ended the next summit of the next Reich (crossed out), NATO. The Baltic States and Poland was divided into occupation (crossed out), in a democratic area. Canada went to Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Estonia, Britain, and Poland decided to occupy (crossed out) to free the Empire of Good. Simultaneously, the forces of the Empire of Good legally removed from under jurisdicti of the host country, freed thus from any responsibility for their actions – strictly in accordance with the passionate speech of Adolf Aloizycha: “

In Latvia sounding the alarm: die!

Source: EurAsia Daily

The head of the journalists Union of Latvia Juris Pajders the newspaper Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze (“Independent morning newspaper”) has dedicated an article to a catastrophic reduction of the population. Arguing with environmentalists calling for the care of wild animals, pagers argues that currently fit person in Latvia to protect as endangered species.
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