Ukraine: the third year without haloperidol

I’m sure you all know that the Kremlin was trying to disrupt the holiday season in Crimea, which has repeatedly hired convicted criminals, which gave the employees of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. As a result, the millions of Ukrainians who wanted to relax on the Crimean coast to their bodies to cover up the “Fatherland” from the invasion of armed Russian aggressors were forced to change their plans.
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What tells window frames Russian houses: the symbolism in wooden architecture

In Russia today still has many houses, impressive wooden patterns on the window frames. This delicate art was passed down from master to master, and to this day rare house with carved architraves will leave someone indifferent. In our review of the most interesting examples of wooden architecture that can be seen indefinitely.

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Original taken from vaduhan_08 in the BOTTOM NEW CITY.

Lower New Town is a modern Nizhny Novgorod, which recently was called the city of Gorky (great name for a town?). The official history of the city (I will write N. N) ancient, but some sort of empty, except for the militia of Minin and Pozharsky particularly interesting and not like, one word merchant town – the pocket of Russia. On an arrow of the rivers Oka and Volga on the high Bank was founded Ostrog and then in the 16th century Kremlin, which we can see today. It is believed that the town has always been closely associated with fair bargaining.

However, N. N has such a vivid geographical features that the official history of the city is immediately in doubt. Start with geography.
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"Ensure" round ships Admiral Popov

Original taken from masterok in “Popovka” round ships Admiral Popov

Yes. Oh how I just just seen in the Internet, but when I saw this model I thought what an imagination someone! It also had to make such a miracle ship from a science fiction movie. And even after post about Bielany — Russian wooden aircraft carrier and I could not imagine that it is quite a real warship. Let’s learn the history of the round ships Popova.
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I learned about the Taimyr lot

Original taken from huan_de_vsad to Know about the Taimyr lot

Thanks to Vitaly Gorshkov, his photos and stories learned about the Taimyr many new chances. I would highlight 5 of them.

1. Popigai Crater
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