The good news of communism (2)

Recognition of the injustice of the world is not yet Manifest. About this property built by the people of the world wrote and spoke many thinkers. The Manifesto complements the historicity of injustice the most important discovery. For the first time the oppressed have opportunities and means to overcome the injustice of this world. It is a kind of social gospelwith which to turn the world Communist. And for its realization it is necessary to live and to die.
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On the way to talking about “Faust”. What is the Modern era?

After talking about the Era as a concept, about the Projects that formed the content of the epoch and the relation of the concept of the Era with historical periods, we next report considered Modern. Considered as an epoch and as a project.
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What distinguishes the liberal from liberata?

Recently one of my good friend and colleague, a man of sense, have shared such an interesting dialogue. He asked an extremely aggressive configured to liberals interlocutor: “But you can clearly answer – who is the liberal?” He mumbled something and squeezed it: “a Liberal is… liberast”. Try to understand what the difference is, to continue to not give such stupid answers.
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What is good for US — for the rest of the chaos


Hillary Clinton said that as a result of NATO intervention , the situation in Libya is better than in Syria. And after all, Mrs. Clinton then cuts the truth-womb. Here only two words fell out of her speech. After the word “better” had to stand the words “for US”.
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