His morning starts off terribly easy. He wakes up half past four in the morning and goes to milk the cow, feed the pig and chickens, and then returns home and prepares Breakfast, while the kids are asleep. When the days are monotonous and mundane, a lot of thought disappear, emotions fly like a spring dust after a long winter. He brews coffee, opens the window and lights a cigarette, watching the street. Monotonous landscape of rural road is diluted only by the change of seasons. He looks into the distance, trying to take in thoughts but they are confused about creating a bunch of downed fragments of cases that are coming today.

In the village work a little, so he has to cling to any business to make money. He has been building and fixing cars, mowing grass, and cut down the old trees and chopping wood. He never refuses and does not shun even the most rough of earnings. To raise three kids it is not just difficult and daunting, especially when the kindergarten was closed and the nearest school is ten miles and all this on roads that are paved under Stalin, and the government just forgot. But despondency and despair is not his way and not his choice, his path is a constant search for solutions, setting goals and their implementation. When behind the wall of sleep children, you just don’t have the right to despair and bad decisions. Your life already belongs to you in full, and no matter what, as if the fate didn’t hit you, you have to drag the cart, the burden of existence.
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Jewish proverb – eggs in one basket to spread out NetA (and now merged)

Original taken from vena45 in JEWISH CLOWNING around: Two bitches have confirmed that they are sisters in spirit

Yulia Tymoshenko and former ally of Yanukovych Anna Herman hugged at a prayer Breakfast in Washington

The leader of the parliamentary faction “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko and former people’s Deputy from Party of regions and an ally of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych Hanna Herman hugged each other when meeting at the National prayer Breakfast in Washington.

About this informed the people’s Deputy from the bloc Poroshenko Sergei Berezenko in svoeym Facebook.
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Davos and track troieschyna

Of course, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko could not miss such a significant sporting event like the world economic forum in Davos. Everyone knows that Switzerland is one of the coolest ski runs in the world, therefore, the press-service of Yerevan city administration has announced he will participate in the “Davos panel”. I must say that Klitschko is not only confused by the need to speak out “panel” in the upscale resort town.
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Disclaimer of Breakfast threatening stroke

Original taken from bisant in the rejection of the Breakfast threatening stroke

To prevent diseases of heart and vessels, Japanese scientists recommend to eat Breakfast.

Scientists for 15 years has followed the health and eating habits of 82 thousand men and women from Sweden aged from 45 to 74 years.
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Version from mejblk. WELCOM TO ESRAEL!!! – tour in America for $ 350.

Original taken from mejblk in the Jews offer rossiyanam tour in America for $ 350.

Israel intends to replace Russian tourists eligible for vacation in Turkey and Egypt. Thus, together with the Russian tour operators, the Israelis developed new budget proposal for citizens of Russia B&B (bed and breakfast). Within such four-day tour, tourists will be offered Breakfast and the bed. The total cost of the activities under this proposal will be about $ 350.
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Unique methods of cleansing the vessels of the brain, unspoken doctors

Cleansing of cerebral vessels is a very important procedure that can significantly improve your health in a number of diseases, from osteochondrosis of the cervical spine to atherosclerosis.

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