The collapse of the Ukrainian information “Gestapo”

Start with the unimportant and uninteresting, at first glance, the fact that one of the Vice-head of the “Ministry of truth” (the state propaganda organ headed by the godfather of the President Yuri Stec) Tatiana Popova resigned. And in a sign of protest against violations of journalists ‘ rights, pressure from the state on the independent media.” No special resonance this move did not cause. All discuss some skirmishes with other fighters under the building Obolon court, where injured national guard and new police officers. Well, filed Popov resigned and, as they say, to hell with it. Who is she? This is the most interesting.
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GON from Mikhalkov

Broadcast from the TV screen and strongly to condemn something that he previously tacitly approved is a sure thing. But all this has now become possible, and fashionable – here and broadcast. Say “shut up” – shut up and switch to something that will become a new topic, which can send curses against unnamed enemies. It is in the instinct of such people like Mikhalkov. Literally like rutting animals. Only this error is not corrected, and does not save Russia.
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Revolt in Turkey: first impressions

It so happened that the acute phase of the coup, I watched Twitter (and some people). The corner of his eye caught breaking news in the tape, and then went to bed, until it became clear that the coup breaks. That is, in my estimation, everything was decided about eleven Friday night, two Saturday night (Moscow time), July 16.
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These different “A”

Original taken from begemotoff in Such a different “A”

It’s not just about the first letter of the alphabet, and those cases where it was proved to be the first letter of the August name, and as such became part of the Imperial monogram. With modernization known to stretch the monogram could be called “Royal logo”. Although the essential scope of the Imperial symbolism was not Commerce, but the army — banners of its regiments, and shoulder straps of its soldiers.

Historically, the most common letter in the monogram of the Russian army was. About her and will talk, and for simplicity restrict ourselves mainly to the last period of the reign.
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Putin: Disadvantages of legitimate authority — no reason to destroy the statehood


The shortcomings of the national government are not the cause for the destruction of the country’s statehood from outside.
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New year greetings from Fedor Emelianenko

Original taken from alexeagle007 in new year greetings from Fedor Emelianenko

      Fedor made a double gift for the New year to his Russian fans returned to the ring and won a landslide victory.
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LaRouche : Emergency broadcast: the address to the nation: "the American people, you are betrayed!"

Original taken from konsul_777_999 in LaRouche : Emergency broadcast: the state of the nation address: “the American people, you are betrayed!”