It is a monument destroyed 82 children

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This sculpture of Marie Uchytilova created in the memory of them. June 10, 1942, SS troops surrounded Lidice; the entire male population older than 16 years (172 people) were executed. Lidicka women (172 people) were sent to the concentration camp ravensbrück (60 of them died in the camp). Of the children (105 persons) had left the children under one year of age and children suitable for Germanization.

The rest (82 people) were killed in the death camp near Chelmno, 6 more children died. All the buildings of the village were burnt and razed to the ground. By the morning of 11 June, the village of Lidice was only a bare ashes. The children were killed, but the memory of them will remain in the form of a monument near the village of Lidice. 82 bronze statues, 40 boys and 42 girls, watching us, and are reminded of the massacre by the Nazis… That you need to remember…

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The fate of the building of Deutsche Bank

In the building of Deutsche Bank, which is in the photo at the back… there was a big hole from the fact that he dropped a piece of the South tower (world trade center).

…it was dismantled brick by brick, each brick is Packed in plastic and buried in the dump for toxic waste.
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When broke through the Bosporus?

MY COMMENT: I don’t remember, someone put the question this way.

The black sea was actually an inland sea at one time of the Ottomans, and then the Two Empires. While the Ottomans not weakened, so that through the Danubian Principality to the sea rushed the Europeans (Austria-Hungary in particular). Here then was a situation of internationalization of the pool. The same France, building a trusting relationship with the Porte, had views of the dock in the black sea region. After 1848, when dramatically changed the attitude of the former allies against Napoleon to Russia and there was danger of the appearance of European armies in the black sea.
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Badgery more efficient air conditioning system

While we all toil from the heat and live only at the expense of air conditioning or fans for a couple of thousand years, there is a device that is so efficient that it makes life tolerable even in the desert, and cools the water almost to the freezing point. Badgery is Persian scoops that have made a home in the desert in a cool home. Besides, they are not without exotic aesthetics and rustic elegance.

бадгиры ветроуловители персия иран архитектура ирана отвратительные мужики disgusting men
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Lugansk. Part 1: the capital necessarily

Lugansk – is quite large (470 thousand inhabitants) and rather industrial town in the Ukraine was known as the most uninteresting, obscure and I would even say mysterious of its regional centers – Kiev it was also known that the Muscovite Magadan. Even more mysterious, he has now become the capital of the unrecognized Luhansk people’s Republic, even in comparison with the Donetsk people’s Republic looks lost world. However, the “uninteresting” of Luhansk, the myth, the fallacy of which I understood back in 2011 when I was here for the first time and held in the Lugansk literally three hours. The story of the city and surrounding areas I have typed as much as 5 parts, and the first station, the color, the government quarter, where I was accredited, and not just small differences from LC DNR.
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Two tablets, two of Russia?

A sign to the executioner Mannerheim in Leningrad, still clear of the green stuff and paintthat “grateful” residents pay tribute to this henchman of Hitler. That is to say, “walk of fame” for Medina cornets and lieutenants Rogozin, coupled with the Small and the Generalissimo, chief officer Prosvirnin.
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Mannerheim outside the law

The Council by a plaque under the government of St. Petersburg acknowledged that the memorial plaque to Marshal Carl Mannerheim established with violation of the current legislation, said the Deputy of Legislative Assembly Alexey Kovalev 1 July, in interview to Agency “Interfax”.
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