We in the EU tradition. Once in a century my friends are going to the Reich and climb into the den to bear…

Well, that ended the next summit of the next Reich (crossed out), NATO. The Baltic States and Poland was divided into occupation (crossed out), in a democratic area. Canada went to Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Estonia, Britain, and Poland decided to occupy (crossed out) to free the Empire of Good. Simultaneously, the forces of the Empire of Good legally removed from under jurisdicti of the host country, freed thus from any responsibility for their actions – strictly in accordance with the passionate speech of Adolf Aloizycha: “


Today the Church commemorates the Apostles Peter and Paul. When I went to the service, it occurred to me that Peter and Paul were so different in their natures. Peter is always the first to respond to the words of the Savior, and consequently, quality cannot always lift the burden on their forces. And Paul, sober and very consistent in their deeds and words. Not to say that fire and flame, but all totally different in temperament people.
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