“SEL” was buried in the village of ancient Indians

…the speech of the anthropologist about the Indians

At around 1:33:30, there is mention about the archaeological discovery in Tierra del Fuego, canned SEL. But-torrents there to take nowhere, so he says it’s megatsunami all well-dated mothballed 13-14 thousand years ago. But having said all remarkably well preserved.

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What patriots eat in nice!

Original taken from avtomat_kx in What patriots eat in nice!

Импортозамещение наоборот: что едят патриоты в Ницце?

Right in the center there is a nice shop with goods from Russia – for all those who are living abroad are yearning for the condensed milk and freshly-salted cucumbers. Strangely, the shop is called “Prom Caucasus”, but keep it neither the Georgians or the Armenians. Well, not the essence. Inside a wide range of products with Russian labels, however, the home I have ever seen. If you look at the packaging, it is clear that most of the products produced in Germany. It seems there is a Russian Diaspora, which started producing and feeding on nostalgic emigrants from all over Europe.
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