Unknown Empire

Original taken from koparev in the Unknown Empire

Original taken from koparev in the Unknown Empire


Tsarist Russia in the XIII – XVIII centuries. was a great Empire, its wealth and power surpassing all other countries.

In 1719, Andrey Konstantinovich Nartov was sent to London to familiarize themselves with British equipment and for the invitation English masters. From London Nartov wrote to the King that in England the masters, which could exceed Russian masters, no. Nartov visited Paris. There he shared some of the secrets of the lathe business with the Duke of Orleans, who considered himself a Turner fan, but all the secrets fully reveal he was not going to.
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All 9 Kremlins of the Moscow region

Original taken from matveychev_oleg in All 9 Kremlins of the Moscow region


Moscow is currently surrounded by a ring of ancient cities-fortresses. We have collected for you all surviving Kremlins of the Moscow region. To visit each of them in one day, along the way seeing the city itself — all these places are ancient, interesting, with its own unique history and monuments.
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The Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church

Yesterday night saw the news that “Turkey denied the Great Orthodox Cathedral“.

It interested me not what the ROC is, apparently, insisted on the transfer of the Cathedral from Turkey to Crete. The transfer thing is understandable.
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These temples built in different parts of Russia, in different times and different architects. Their architecture is unique, and the history of each building is rich with surprising facts. People come here regardless of religious beliefs. Let’s visit these masterpieces of architecture together.


Kazan Cathedral

Kazan Cathedral, on Nevsky Prospekt, in the heart of St. Petersburg is in the list of the most important and recognizable architectural structures, which made the Northern capital of Russia in the world and made it a Mecca for tourists.

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Statistics of the orientation of temples

So, for the solution of our question let’s return to the topic that excited the minds of the public some time ago, namely to the orientation of the churches on the earth. Still popular idea that it is possible to find the old North pole. Some time ago I was trying to deal with this topic, what with the beautiful website temples.ru , many thanks to its creators, has been downloaded a list of surviving churches built 1400-1760, then the first 500 randomly selected were 200, then 100 for the first of them I found in GoogleMaps the azimuth of the entrance is the altar. For the first hundred enthusiasm have dried up, then tried to process the results. Turned out to be picture similar to a normal distribution, but two peaks at 75 and 90 degrees approximately.

Изображение - savepic.net — сервис хранения изображений

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Peter and Paul Cathedral the twin Notre Dame

In 1733 the construction of the Peter and Paul Cathedral was completed. The height of the bell tower with a spire 112 m.

In 1756, the steeple was struck by lightning. The spire caught fire and fell, and the bell tower was completely lost.
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Bishops ‘ Council (1)

It is very symbolic that this Cathedral takes place almost a century after the fateful Cathedral 1917-1918 biennium, about which I wrote. No one said that the bishops ‘ Council of 2016 is comparable with the local Council. But the situation today is very disturbing. Again decided the fate of Russia. And again on how it is resolved will determine the fate of the world.

2 February 2016 in Moscow began the work of the bishops ‘ Council of Russian Orthodox Church.
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