The Inevitability Of The Return

Original taken from andreyvadjra in the inevitability of the Return

There are things from which we are completely dependent, but which is entirely dependent on us. Before 2014, Russia was not even thinking about solving the “Ukrainian question”, merely trying to stabilize relations with “brotherly” Ukraine in a mutually beneficial position. However, this desire is not, in principle, could be implemented. The ideology of Ukrainian nationalism, permeated all the pores of the Ukrainian society and the state posits an independent Ukraine only as “Antirossiyu.” The whole point of the existence of the project “Ukraina”.

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Creeping Ukrainization of Russia

Original taken from mikle1 in Creeping Ukrainization of Russia

The tale of enforced Russification of the Borderlands of the Empire were listening. Actually the problem is not Ukrainization someone there in the South of Russia – the problem of Ukrainization in Russia itself. And do not think that all davo in the past…

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Russians have a short memory.

Just say, Russian and Russia’s different Nations, as a planet. For example, Russian is the Earth, as the Russian is some kind of Nibiru, which is in the inflamed minds of the followers of the theory of paleocontact.

Among the Russians the memory of about the same size as chicken, that is, they remember exactly a few minutes, then pereselyaetsya in the brain and they forget everything. No, unlike chickens they have genetic memory level: Crimea is ours and spaciotemporal. This is where it ends. A typical example of Russians recently passed over the network. Various dummies with tag: Kadyrov patriot of Razzie posing for the camera. These chickens actually forgot that Ramzan is a typical terrorist, no better or worse than ISIL. He killed Russian soldiers, cut their heads off, shot and so on. As the example of ISIS, prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation, he collects tribute from every Chechen, and just try not to pay. All the money flow into the well-known Fund Kadyrov. And many of these Russians really believe that Ramzan is the second leader of Russia, after chapters. the Siberian crane. No, it is not surprising Baskova and other Volochkova who feed on these techniques Kadyrov, surprise nationalists, or rather, those who have positioned themselves so. For example, Kholmogorov, a nationalist fucking, almost in the ass kisses Remitance in his downblouse.
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We will come and men will wyborem! Kholmanskikh said about the need to “be flogged in the kitchen” opposition

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Muslims. The differences between Sunnis and Shiites (short for General understanding) – repeat from 2015-04-30

We constantly hear about the war in the middle East, about the last war in the Caucasus.

Syria, the Caucasus, Iraq, Iran, the Saudis, a Yemeni and two main areas of Muslims Sunni and Shia.

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Map of TELEGRAPH LINES for allegedly 1867. No one asked "HOW ???"

MY COMMENT: the author has hit the bull’s eye.

The center of the network of communications of the Russian de-facto Prussia, and not Petersburg.
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The Ahnenerbe found in Adygea such that the hair stand on end

Original taken from aleks_aberdin in the Ahnenerbe found in Adygea such that the hair stand on end

The Ahnenerbe was sent their expedition until the beginning of WWII and even during it. All were looking for something, what exactly, is still unknown, but the Republic found traces of the Ahnenerbe and two strange skull, looking at which you begin to believe in any devilry. In General, go under the cut and read. Then tell yourself that these skulls are similar. The opinion of zoologists is doubly interesting.

Original taken from piterskiy_vedun in Adygeya learned that I was looking for in the mountains a group of occultists SS