But if without jokes: what are the dangers of raw food diet

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Сыроедение - это не диета, а определенная система питания. Почему все больше людей становятся ее приверженцами и говорят о пользе сыроедения для здоровья?

All write about why it is necessary to go on a raw food diet. And I will write why not! :))))
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A forgotten flight of the eagle “

In space there are bad things. Probably the most unpleasant of them — a very uneven distribution of fame and honors for their work. The first man to travel into space, randomly interviewed people call immediately, but they will not be able to call the third or even the second. The crew of Apollo 11 remembered by many, but much fewer people are able to call those who flew on “Apollo” -10 or -12. And their work was comparable in complexity and use. August 6 celebrates 55th anniversary of the flight of Gherman Titov “Vostok 2”. It was a very interesting flight — the youngest astronaut, record the duration in days of the first survey orbit, the first dream, toilet and nausea in orbit. But this is much less known.
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Dystopia (essay in far 1992 year)

Recently in the archive I found his essay, written in 1992. Our teacher of history has taught us innovative, and somehow after reading Thomas Moore’s “Utopia” and its era, it offered us home to write an essay on the topic “Dystopia” how we see the worst scenario of development of our country in the future. I must say that our task was relatively easy, because even then, the country embarked on this anti-utopian way. The text of his work I cite below. The teacher gave me a “five”, and the essay was read aloud at the next history lesson. It was, perhaps, the most expensive and valuable “five” in my school life, and the work became a “starting point” of my modern literary experiments:
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The Day Of St. Valka.

The story happened in the late ‘ 90s, when the vertical was not so vertical, tents stood in their places, it was possible to buy real Marlboro at ridiculous prices, thieves were thieves, and not by deputies, and in General everything was simpler and easier. Perhaps because we were young and didn’t bother for many things, all flowed in the direction of lightness and cheerfulness.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union the country has experienced not only Western goods, ideas, and holidays. Them every still is different, someone celebrates, someone blatantly ignores, preferring to Halloween, 4-th or 7 – th of November, and Valentine’s day our classic 23rd February and 8th March, respectively. In short, who as wants, that and jerking off.
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