Ancient artifacts, disappeared in the depths of history

In science there is no place for superstition and magic. Throughout history no one scientific question not found any magical solutions, while the reverse happens all the time.

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The patience of nature (stunning photos)

So nature steals to civilization. This photo is from Kamchatka, the sea destroyed the fishing village. Friedrich Engels in 1844 he published “Outline of a critique of political economy”, where he argued that his era is moving towards the great revolution — “reconciliation of humanity with nature and with ourselves”. This coup was longer. We are still on the way to this goal. Coming the beginning of genuine human history will mean the inscription of a person into the patterns and processes of nature, not scrapping them and devastating submission. Yet nature forgives us our intransigence and the desire to change it in accordance with its goals. Let’s see how:
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Climbers, astronauts, NASA, and Leonov again :(

Original taken from apxiv in Climbers, astronauts, NASA, and Leonov again 🙁

American manned spaceflight was a great trainer, so many interesting things I learned: a) Students think will be useful to intensify interest in the exact Sciences.

All American spacecraft Merkurijj, Gemini and Apollo according to legend, the astronauts breathed pure oxygen at a pressure of about 0.3 atmosphere, so their “space” cans easy to do, and it seems to be some profit in the regeneration system of air. Problems of combustion and spontaneous combustion of materials in pure oxygen while leave unattended. I have a few questions on the working pressure.
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