The currency released

At the end of last week (mid-March 2016), the fed and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation said that “everything remains the same”: none of the financial institutions does not plan changes to the key rate. Against this background, in Russia the dollar falls (and, then, the Euro). Why is news about that in the value of the reserve currency, “nothing has changed” leads to a depreciation of the dollar?

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"the taming of the shrew". ( photos and documents )

From the book by A. Hinstein.

Today declassified documents of the KGB is known, for example, that since the end of October 1956. across the border with Austria and Yugoslavia were transferred a large number of emissaries of the CIA.
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Dynasty collectors calls for the Maidan

Original taken from amarok_man in Dynasty collectors calls for the Maidan

Amazingly beautiful townhouse nestled behind the gates in the center of Moscow. All-seeing video cameras and strict security guards, most of them from “former employees”, watching all the movement around the building and a chance to get inside you have no. Of course, if you are not a welcome guest. Or a rich client.
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Russian gene

Genetic studies have shown that Russian – one of the purebred peoples in Eurasia. Recent joint study Russian, British and Estonian scientists-geneticists put big and bold cross on abiogen Russophobic myth decades to introduce in consciousness of people ‑ say, “scratch a Russian and you will definitely find a Tartar.”
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