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MASKI reset. About “Yeltsin centre” and “new Vlasovs”

Original taken from pomorjanka in the Mask is reset. About “Yeltsin centre” and “new Vlasovs”

“There is no money. You there, hold on!”

As a primitive Khrushchev was able to beat the intellectuals and Stalin? Yes, just in the “regions” didn’t want their sons expected their way of life with linear fitters then become engineers/gunners, and by zapadlo to die in darned socks and with a few rubles in the savings Bank.

And” lost in the crowd of mediocrity.

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Master class on education of migrants from the Arab inhabitants of Murmansk

Original taken from zergulio in a Master class on education of migrants from the Arab inhabitants of Murmansk

Girls to catch a crowd not to pay in stores. Sorry for these Babayev in Murmansk was unloaded, other cities also need to relax and unwind.
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In Crimea liquidate Russia’s largest center for retraining of unemployed

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Polish splitting

>25.01.2016, 13:15 /RT/ In Warsaw on TV say outright lies, including about Crimea. This was stated by the Director of the Foundation “Russian-Polish centre of dialogue and the consent” Yury Bondarenko at a press conference by Polish journalists on the results of their visit to the Republic of Crimea. →

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As American intelligence suggests the U.S. government to deal with cryptocurrencies

Yesterday in interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” the head of the Investigative Committee Bastrykin has proposed to ban bitcoin. But fresh news from the USA: analytical centre RAND Corporation (in fact — a division of the American razgadki) in his report calls cryptocurrencies a potential threat to the national security of the United States and voiced ways of dealing with them.

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Nazca: loess and geoglyphs

It was shown on TV the biologist who analyzed the soil of the Nazca desert.

This loess, consisting of vegetable particles and characteristic hyperplanes climate.
There at a depth of 20 inches was found unthinkable in the desert snail shells.

The geoglyphs found in 1939, the son of German immigrants, a historian named Paul Cosquer.
Field research in Peru, the Cosquer conducted twice: in 1940-1941 1948-1949 yy and Both times AFTER the discovery of geoglyphs.
Write that in the 1930-ies the cultural centre actively collaborates with archaeologist Richard P. Schaedel.
There is such. A leading specialist in Peru born in 1920. In 1930th years it was from 10 to 20 years.

From 1940 the German studies geoglyphs Maria Reiche – as many as eight (!) years.
And only in 1947 the presence of geoglyphs documented by photos.
In 1948, the discoverer of the object world level Paul Cosquer retired.
Unique world heritage site, the Nazca announced only in 1995.
Scientists reacted to the discovery of Maria Reiche is ambiguous.
Mary herself was paid by the company for preservation of the Nazca desert, as well as the work of assistants and guards.
I find that it has invested heavily in the lobbying of the necessary decisions.
Wrote a book “The Mystery of The Desert” and the money there.
Amazing coincidence – on the geoglyph “hands” on one of the hands 5 fingers, and on the other — 4. Maria Reiche was missing the middle finger on his left hand.
This georgef.

The same problem with the toes and monkey. Apparently, it’s a family.

But the Maria Reiche. The character is evident. And suitable hand – peasant.
It is seen that finger isn’t enough. I saw this on a female sculptor, which is a very typical injury.
She education strange: studied at the University of mathematics, astronomy, geography and foreign languages.
Neither history nor archaeology have not studied.
In 1932, the Reich began work as a nanny and children teacher of the German Consul in Cusco, Peru.
This is a very good job for the nanny, who knew five languages.
The first thing she found and Cosquer, are lines converging in the winter and summer solstice.
That’s what she studied astronomy! Without it, the cultural centre of the topic are not pulled out.
Writing, and mathematics in the construction of the geoglyphs was, moreover, quite complex. And here is Maria with the formation of guessed!

Close to Nazca is the plateau Palpa.
The plateau is decorated with Nazca airfield with a length of about 2 km is good for the 1930-ies of the runway.

Ibid. and autographs builders. Write that letter these dimensions of 100 x 100 meters.
Right beside it, and the geoglyph with the Diplodocus has, but something it not really a PR.

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Two worlds – two engineers


The case of an engineer of the Ministry of defense, has stolen 14 million roubles from the cosmodrome “East”, went to court. What do you say? If a giant, sensitive and super important for the country today may be the object of such “incidents” is that all you can say about this system, the existence of the state and society? Can such a system to fully meet the challenges of the twenty-first century?
One of the chief engineers of the design Institute of the Ministry of defense of Russia Sergey Ostrovsky will be judged for misappropriation of 14 mln rubles allocated for the construction of the Vostochny space centre, informs “RIA Novosti”.

According to investigators, in 2011 in Moscow, Ostrovsky, being the eldest of the group of chief engineers of the project of OJSC “31 State design Institute of special construction of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation” and also General Director and founder of LLC “PSK MIKOS”, stole through fraud from the Federal budget more than 14 million rubles allocated for the fulfillment of design and survey works for creation of the launch complex of the Vostochny space centre.
Probably, it will be to compare a super-project of today – the Vostochny space centre and the super group of yesteryear is the construction of Magnitka, the late 20-ies in the USSR. It is possible, therefore, to compare and people who worked on these comparable in scale construction sites. With one of the main engineers of the “East” we have already “met”. Now let’s read a fragment from the novel by Ilya Ehrenburg the second Daydevoted to the construction of the Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine them. V. I. Lenin. One of the main characters of the story – ingieren the last name shore, burning at work and not thinking himself without the case, which is engaged in, which is.
“…Shor lived at the Top of the colony, away from the river. Once he woke up in the morning. He is awakened by a strange roar: there was a Blizzard and Barack scared creaked. Shore in horror thought: what will happen to the gallery? He looked at his watch: quarter to five. So on the river — none. Around torchlight furious worn white flocks. Shore dressed quickly. In the dark he ran to Tom. The Blizzard blew him off his feet. Climbing down, he fell, and the snow for a moment swallowed it. But he immediately got out from under the snow. He’s confused groping hands around — he was looking for a hat. But fearing to lose time, he ran to the river without a hat. He had one thought: what if gallery fell?.. He could feel the cold burning his ears. He fled. He reached the river. Here for the Blizzard had plenty of space, and Blizzard here was terrible. But the gallery was in place. Shore smiled. He walked to the middle barracks. Burned face, and thoughts were confused. Someone rubbed his ears with snow. He felt an extraordinary weakness. He barely spoke: “Tell him to send the horse”.
Once home, he lay down. He couldn’t breathe. Heart skip a beat. Left shoulder ached painfully. Shor knew that he was sick. In Moscow, the Swedish doctor strictly said shore: “the Heart is no good. So, darling, you will not last long. Go now in Kislovodsk!” Shore went to Kislovodsk, but to Kuznetsk. How could he think about some of the heart valves? His head was full of thoughts of iron.
He unbuttoned his shirt and thought, today is going to be there! But at nine the telephone rang. Shore had started: do with the gallery?.. Called the Gordin: the riveting is wrong — all the time the compressor stops. Shore said, “Now come.” He timidly touched his chest. He asked for restless heart to postpone the denouement. On the move he’d swallowed some bitter medicine.
Half an hour later, he joked with the riveters, “frost-a real drummer!” He remembered how he ran to the river, and suddenly shouted: “What a disgrace! Now go to get warm! So you can freeze, damn you all assholes!” He always swore, when he wanted to tell people something tender.
He went to the office. Of course, he never told anyone about his nightly anxiety. But the coachman reported Vasily Chernyshev, Chernyshev and asked sternly Shor, “What is this, Grigory? You would save yourself”. Shore smiled in embarrassment. He muttered: “Nothing special. Very simply — we might fall. And then how do you want to start afresh? And what does “take care of yourself”? It is even useful. This is what is called the exercise”.
It is unlikely that the latter could explain why Shor worked with such viciousness. He often forgot to eat. He went to work, not without taking a bath. When the Americans arrived, göring took him aside and whispered: “Grigory, you need to shave”. Shore suspiciously touched his cheek, which is overgrown with uneven bristles, and nodded: “sure, Sure! They want you to think that we are savages”.
He worked on the blast furnaces or over martinni as in the old days people loved of girls or prayed to God. The advice to take a vacation randomdeanna he replied: “that’s stupid! You should heal yourself — you have a bad complexion. And I’m healthy as an ox. Then, if things start to relax, who is going to build? The party is not Ivan Ivanovich, with the party not to be trifled with”.
…He was sent to London to sell the forest. He met with a major English engineer. The Englishman asked Shor: “How do you work in such miserable conditions? I read that in Russia rarely specialists tub, not to mention the car. Maybe you could tell me how much you earn such a specialist, how are you?” Shor looked at the Englishman, and in the eyes of the shore seemed deep fun. He said, “It’s called permaximum. Nonsense! Less than this porter. Maybe as a diplomat, I have to say otherwise. But I think the truth is much better. For example, I have no car. Sometimes I’m waiting for the tram for half an hour and, without waiting, go on foot. You have to wash in the bath: two hours lost. Our country is still very poor. You ask me how much I earn. I would reply: so much is in rubles. Translated into pounds harder. But this is not the case. I get the joy. How much, in your opinion, is the real joy — at least in pounds?..” The Englishman smiled politely.”

Do you think what kind of personality type – with the first or second – combined construction and launch of this breakthrough superproject?
And most importantly – why do you think so?

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Where the homeland starts?

This name and the beginning of the song that probably everyone knows. Who taught or listened to, that remembers that this same phrase and it ends. For each it is something different, unique. Same people there, thank God. Where the city starts? Earlier in the Urals from the factory, with dam. From different parts of the city working people flocked to shift at a factory shop. Later, the industrial enterprises placed on the outskirts of the city and the historic centre, tended to become a place for townspeople.
In place of a mass congestion of people the authorities tried to set the monuments, sculptures in honor of the famous public figures, local figures of science and art. In this regard, the centre has become a magnet for meanings, and it is important that it will be located. In the Central square of our city the monument to Lenin. The leader of the world proletariat, the leader of the great October socialist revolution, managed to put together going to pieces the Russian Republic – the heir to the Russian Empire and child February bourgeois revolution.

And there was also a monument to the order of Lenin, red banner group. But 20 years after the destruction of the Soviets, in 2013, was destroyed and AlMg. This is understandable, in a country where fully gave up the ideas, replacing them with worship of the Golden calf, a reminder of the heroism of Soviet people, about the once mighty industry, was an eyesore. The playwright, a betrayal of the memory of ancestors, hatred compatriots made “strangers among friends” to get rid of the monument.

Instead we see how the city just becomes a sweet dream purchasers. One by one, without tiring, there are shopping malls. When there are no higher meanings of existence, the only thing that remains not to be tired from life, it’s fun. Some would say that shopping centres is convenient. And I would agree. But you will agree that the number of shopping malls in Yekaterinburg prohibitive. Recently opened the new Reichstag building “Passage”.

Become people and people become the consumers. Buildings that could be gyms, arenas, houses of creative development does not produce anything except of endorphins purchasers.
And isn’t that the meaning and the key of the city? So where begins the city is the birthplace of everyone who was born or decided to link their fate with him?

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