The currency released

At the end of last week (mid-March 2016), the fed and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation said that “everything remains the same”: none of the financial institutions does not plan changes to the key rate. Against this background, in Russia the dollar falls (and, then, the Euro). Why is news about that in the value of the reserve currency, “nothing has changed” leads to a depreciation of the dollar?

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Neurolinguist Tatiana Chernigovskaya: How the Internet affects our brain

Neurolinguist and experimental psychologist, doctor of Philology and biology, corresponding member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences Tatiana Chernigovskaya gave a lecture on “How the Internet has changed our brain” in which he dispelled the popular stereotypes about the brain and told why Google and online education is not as useful as they seem. Here is a brief synopsis of this lecture.

Нейролингвист Татьяна Черниговская: Как Интернет влияет на наш мозг
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Ukraine and Russia reconciled Linux

That is able to reconcile Russia and Ukraine? One of the topics where Russians 100% share the opinion of Ukrainians is Linux. Let’s give a word to our Ukrainian colleague linuksoida. He will tell you that Linux is for him and why he never will not change Linux to Windows. Ready to subscribe under each word, like any other reader, I guess. Isn’t brother us that linuksoid?

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Wealth and power are transmitted exclusively through inheritance

The study showed that the English ruling class exists since the 11th century, has disproportionately greater potential to belong to modern elite, and no rotation there’s no
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In the summer, in the evening, the Park is full of noisy companies, which have a rest after work or study. They drink beer or something stronger, share their problems and remember the past. Strange people, strange country living in the weirdest city in the world. He seems to be changing, and the like, and remains the same, it seems to be filled with people, it seems, on the contrary gets rid of them, changes people on the crowd of beings who are always in a hurry and always late. Just passed the rain has opened a whole palette of scents of spring city. Starts to pull the smell of barbecue out of the ravine, which is located nearby. People insanely strange creature, he seeks to comfort and convenience, and when it reaches it, it starts again drawn to the hardships and difficulties, which is fun. Whether the call of the wild draws us to the meat on the coals, or we just love challenges and can’t do without them.

I sit and smoke drifted though the pine trees that go bald every year. The alley is an elderly couple, a man that passionately proves the wife, she just smiles and says nothing. They pass noisy one company for another, which occupied all the benches, finally they reach me and the old man notices that I’m sitting alone on a bench:
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V. L. Avagyan: the West – a secondary product of civilization

Original taken from ss69100 in V. L. Avagyan: the West – a secondary product of civilization

No doubt, the article of Vazgen Avagyan Laparotomia – a pearl of contemporary journalism. I haven’t had such a thoughtful analytical articles, enriched, besides, great neck near.


The main mistake of the past 30 years – in a completely distorted picture of the world view imposed on people, and literally skewing their brains. It’s not just what we write is not only swelling, hypertrophy any problems or sores-Soviet Russia.
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“Dancing” around the vertical power

What is happening in recent days in lawmaking defies explanation – the Dodgers of deputies of the State Duma adopted the bills are at the initiative of the President submitted to the Supreme court. The main goal is to decriminalize the criminal code.
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In the World a long time NOTHING remarkable happens.

Originally posted by 20finkov09 at In the World a long time NOTHING remarkable happens.

And there is NOTHING to discuss . . .

While Yes, Lopatnikov says another sign of the collapse of Russia, the Chip says another sign of the collapse of Judeo-Saxon already by the autumn, other, other, but . . . It’s ALL a BLANK.
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