The collapse of the Ukrainian information “Gestapo”

Start with the unimportant and uninteresting, at first glance, the fact that one of the Vice-head of the “Ministry of truth” (the state propaganda organ headed by the godfather of the President Yuri Stec) Tatiana Popova resigned. And in a sign of protest against violations of journalists ‘ rights, pressure from the state on the independent media.” No special resonance this move did not cause. All discuss some skirmishes with other fighters under the building Obolon court, where injured national guard and new police officers. Well, filed Popov resigned and, as they say, to hell with it. Who is she? This is the most interesting.
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The pentecosta rosenka Efimova has forgiven the Americans and return to the ocean because it is easier to live

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The formation of hydrocarbons

Evgeniy Philippov wrote:

…about the Genesis of hydrocarbons, methane and oil

“Vitaly fleed, head of the Department of physical chemistry, Moscow Institute of fine chemical technology. M. V. Lomonosov, doctor of chemical Sciences:“In several countries — the U.S., Japan, us Troitsk — built setup for simulation of the formation of hydrocarbons from carbonates and water in the presence of bivalent iron. If you mix calcium carbonate or magnesium with a solution of iron salts and heat at high pressure, as shown by our study, totally reliable formation of hydrocarbons. At least methane. This gas from beneath the Earth through channels in the rocks comes to the surface in the direction of motion undergoing various reactions to form heavier hydrocarbons. That is oil.”A friend writes: “I think everything is already understood that this is nonsense — what about the remains of ancient animals”
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“With light steam!” from Kurchatov

“We are approaching a great revolution in the life of mankind, which can match all they had experienced. Close to the time when people get their hands on nuclear power, this source of strength which will enable him to build his life the way he wants it. This can happen in a century. But it is clear that it should be. Will people use this power, channel it for good and not to self-destruct? Grown up whether it the ability to use force, which must inevitably give it a science?”

Academician V. I. Vernadsky, 1922

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The Orthodox ghetto

All those endless arguments about the Freemasons, their machinations, etc. are intended only for very incompetent people. Or very gullible, but then why they do not trust the Patriarch and the Church? Or greatly predisposed, and striving for simplicity. But it’s not the ease of which I wrote yesterday. The simplicity brings to the soul peace and love. The same simplicity carries Chetverikova from the other senses. It creates a channel for the realization of fear and hatred. And most importantly – this simplicity makes it impossible to act, turning people listening to such simplicity, to the inhabitants of the ghetto.
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