NATO will cut the crap!

Despite the hysteria of the West about Russian “aggression” is ridiculous, especially in light of recent events that occur in life. I protowall military ID, so I had to restore it. Rushen voenkomate is a song, so I had to spend a couple of days, until collected all the necessary documents. I will tell some of the dialogues of the employees who work there:

– Lucya – comes into the office real boots
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Minimalist super versatile scarf for ATtiny-24 / 44 / 84 / 441 / 841

панорама превью

A small shawl for ATtiny microcontrollers 24 —-> 841 diluted so that the same charge can be soldered (not simultaneously) there are many different types of transistors and registers without having to redesign the Board. For those interested or for those who want to change arduini on something cheaper, if the power of arduini for the product redundant.
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20 everyday phrases for which 25 years ago could get into the loony bin

Original taken from vsegda_tvoj in 20 everyday phrases for which 25 years ago could get into the loony bin

The world does not stand still, and with it changing our lexicon. But the new phrase is then constructed from old words!

Published a collection of phrases, which today nobody cut his ear, but a quarter of a century ago, they would sound just crazy.
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杆秤 gan cheng. What I drove ? chain gun (eng.) ? DIMENSIONAL CHAIN GUN ???

Original taken from bskamalov in 杆秤 gan cheng. What I drove ? chain gun (eng.) ? DIMENSIONAL CHAIN GUN ???

Tesla Model S was burned at the station of fast charging in Norway

Original taken from harmfulgrumpy in the Tesla Model S was burned at the station of fast charging in Norway

Tesla Model S Fire Norway

Electric car Tesla Model S 2014 release burned at the Norwegian station quick charge. About it reports the Norwegian NRK resource. In the car at this time was empty, so there were no injuries. Electric car caught fire after the electric car owner put it on charge and leave. Now police are investigating the incident, but so far a clear explanation of what happened there.
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The intelligence of plants – fact or fiction?


Experiments on the discovery of “primary perception” of plants, such as, for example, which said in its article NR. Pushkin, in the case of recognition of their reproducibility, so changing a habitual picture of the world that is still not accepted by the society and is constantly criticized by skeptics.

Pri, as a rule, not criticize Pushkin’s experiments and the experiments of Baxter. Here, for example, write on one of the sites of skeptics:
“Well-known Soviet specialist in plant physiology I. Professor Gunnar told me that he in his laboratory tried to repeat the experiments of Baxter. Thus had much more sensitive equipment. Close of each other put the jugs with sunflower and Mimosa. The Mimosa added the device, and leaves of sunflower were cut with scissors. No response from the Mimosa, of course, was not followed. No sympathy for the troubled neighbour. But the technician stepped to the Mimosa — arrow immediately swung. Reaction?
— Any student who is familiar with the basics of physics, you know, says Gunnar, that it was not a miracle. Any physical body or system of bodies, is capable of conducting current, have a certain electrical capacity that varies depending on the mutual arrangement of these bodies, the Arrow of our galvanometer stood firm, and remained unchanged until the capacity of the system. But employee laboratory close to the instrument, and the distribution of electric charges in the system was broken…
If these basics Baxter? It is difficult to assume that the unknown…

How do you explain that many people believe in simple bakshtanovskaya fraud? The idea of “thinking”, “feeling” the plants like it. With plants many are dealing with in their own gardens, greenhouses, greenhouses. See what they respond to care, to care. Those people are close to having to give their wards consciousness. Quite small push coming from “science” to the humanizing of plants took place”

Data by Gunnar rebuttal show what a good scientist is different from genius. In the article “the Coffin of Mahomet” , I wrote that scientists “handle the curves” were unable even to repeat experiments with the hardware that made the Russian experimenter Podkletnov. More so, when it comes to living, thinking organisms? Vladimir Durov was such a skilled trainer that could fool scientists, even the great spondylitis, another person will, and a cat to housebreak, and German shepherd to obey the command “sit”. So based on this “experience” which we need to do what this dog is not able to execute simple commands, or is this “scientist”? Continue reading “The intelligence of plants – fact or fiction?”

Tajiks will save Russia – take them for what they

the Megawatts are wasted

That’s what winning report can be read on the main site of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2010:

“Russia’s first rural mini-hydro power plant of 400 kW was commissioned in the village of Andreevka Kovylkino district of Mordovia.
Hydroelectric plant built on the dam of the hydroelectric complex Tarnovskogo. Its construction at a cost of 37 million rubles, of which 34 million rubles – from the Federal budget, more than 3 million rubles allocated budget of the Republic”

But the simple Tajik guy with his head and charged the tractor wheel is extracted from the stream 40 kW of electricity. It verii the authors of the video, but according to my calculations, at a speed of stream is 8 km/h and area of the blades of 0,3 sq. m capacity should be in the range of 4 kW, but even in my pessimistic estimation, sufficient 100 charged wheels and one creative, to produce electricity as much as the Russian officials got 34 million Russian wood “lemon” “green.” Moreover, with the same initial conditions is a river in Mordovia was dammed and water was falling from it with no less speed than in a mountain stream of the Tajik village. Continue reading “Tajiks will save Russia – take them for what they”