How to improve the work of the modem in case of poor network coverage

Hi. This time we decided to write an article about antennas, in the context of an antenna for USB modems. Will tell you what they are, why so look, what problems it solves each of the antennas.

We took into account the wishes in the comments to the previous article about how to write “simpler”, at the same time, we cannot use technical descriptions and terminology. I hope that we get the right balance and at the same time useful contents.
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About the battle on the Mannerheim Line

Originally posted by rjadovoj_rus at the Manipulation of history. The state TV report about the opening of the Board

To this post, you can make a subheading (similar to catch phrase from the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”): Manipulate everything!
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What did you choose: an interesting moral problem

Original taken from felbert in what did you choose: an interesting moral problem

Imagine the situation: you are driving in your car in the rainy, stormy night – and suddenly you see three people waiting at a bus stop. These people:

1. The old woman who looks like are going to the other world;
2. An old friend who once saved your life;
3. The woman/man of your dreams.
One of them you take in companions, if your car is double? Think and give your answer before reading the answer.
This moral-ethical dilemma, actually, was proposed as a test when applying for a job in the same company. You can ride feeling bad for the old girl, because first you have to save her life. Or maybe you will choose the old friend because he once saved your life, and it will be a great chance to thank him? However, when you chance to meet your soul mate?
Of the 200 candidates, only one candidate did not have problems with the answer, and he was hired. His decision was as follows: “I would give the car keys to your old friend and asked him to take the elderly woman to the hospital. And itself at this time remained with the woman of my dreams”.
Sometimes lateral thinking and creative approach to business gives us the key to solving problems of any complexity.

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