Barcelona. Gaudi.

Gaudi and his Cathedral. Doomed to see it comes from the fact that it is the tallest building in the city. At least I planned on Gaudi. The Cathedral in the completed form needs to be only half a meter below the highest among surrounding mountains. A man-made creation should not encroach on the Divine.
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The history of the ROC. Historical background.

In my opinion, the most serious blow (as part of the property of the persecution) of the Church was the destruction of shrines, confiscation of items used in the Sacraments, and destruction of Temples. Why this way was a movement – it is clear. The expropriation of the expropriators. And the Church in the minds of the common people (alas) were associated with the bourgeois class. Why has this happened? This question not only to the Bolsheviks, but to the Church itself.
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The history of the ROC. Civil war (1).

Got back yesterday from a small trip to Spain. Full of impressions, but under the pressure of debt started talking about the history of the Church I hasten to return to him. But their impressions will leave for later.

Last week I briefly outlined the major milestones in the destiny of the first after the restoration of the Patriarchate, the Primate of the ROC – SVT. Tikhon. He dropped out to stand at the head of the Church in one of the most dramatic moments of Russian history in the twentieth century. Revolution and Civil war.
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Russian history from Catherine II


Екатерина ВтораяStriking fact: the history of Russia repeats the history of Ancient Rome to the smallest detail; they are similar, like two cars of the same series, issued by the factory — albeit with a gap in 1168 years.

Is the Roman chronicler to mention Persia due to the war, and his Russian colleague and be sure to respond with a margin of 1168 years in the chronicle places the message about the successful campaign of Stenka Razin – in Persia.
Is the Roman to announce the beginning of the struggle with heretics, as in the Moscow Chronicles – again with a difference of 1168 years – starts to struggle with exactly the same heresy – somewhere in Novgorod. In some places it actually looks fun: with the same gap in 1168 years, the monarchs are absolutely synchronous marry, their rulers as synchronous die, and the young princes are victims of impostors. Continue reading “Russian history from Catherine II”

History as a myth

Человек на динозавре
Kani IKI: man of the dinosaur

If the facts are against us — so much the worse for the facts.

– Albert Einstein.

What is the myth

Philosophers, if you read Jung or Losev, argue that myth is the most adequate and complete our view of the world.

In the narrow-minded world, however exactly the opposite: it is believed that the myths live on only one who has lost touch with reality.

Who’s right, will try again to show “on fingers”.

Here’s an old parable about the blind men and the elephant. One blind man feels the tail, the second leg, the third the trunk. One says that the elephant is like a rope, second pole, third – in fire hose.

It is a scientific myths, they hit some part of reality and draw “the only true picture of the world”, write the thesis – one that fire hose doused his vodaf, other – raspotroshit “the rope” and so on.

What is the observer seeing? – He sees the big picture, see the relationship and correlation of parts, and sometimes laughing at blind people over the obvious absurdity of their submissions. But! And he lives the myth. Myth allows us to perceive the world in utmost completeness and harmony. Continue reading “History as a myth”