What makes cigarette: not to look nervous!

A large part of our population smoke. While smokers believe that the cigarette is almost environmentally friendly product.

How could it be otherwise? Because it is composed of tobacco from the best plantations and tissue paper, which in principle can not carry any harm. But is it all true?
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Forgiveness is very difficult, and sometimes impossible. It may be better just not to do those things for which you need to ask forgiveness?

Before death, many people begin to wonder. Everyone thinks about her, someone is sitting in the memory of the bad things that someone says is good, but all United in one way or another, people are thinking only about one thing: is there something there? A man selfish and vain, this is its basic stupidity, he naively believes that it’s necessary to leave something after itself, and really thinks that without him the world would be worse. No matter who you are, king or beggar, the world will not change after your death, there may be some events that will change the map of the world or something, but the scale of the universe, it is only a little spit in the vast ocean. For example, my grandfather once came up to me and put on the table a book about Jesus Christ that was given to me at school in the fifth grade. At the beginning of the 90s our English school came aliens, children of the new Russia, they were brought not only gum, like Huba Buba, but the literature of a religious nature. Then began a new fashion: do not love communism, and to love God. Therefore, the school administration did not oppose this literature. My grandfather was a Communist to the bone, died from a membership card under the pillow, the entire religion knocked out of him in the 37th, so the question: Why did he read it? Then and now, remains a mystery to me.
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Unusual smiling soldier of the great Patriotic War.

Medved soldiers Wojtek

Wojtek (1942-1963) — a Syrian brown bear found in Iran and taken into the pay of soldiers of the Polish army of Anders (the so-called Second case). According to legend, in the battle of Monte Cassino in Italy helped the Polish gunners to unload the boxes of ammunition and even tray shells during the battle, it became known among Polish and British troops.

The name “Wojtek” is a diminutive form of “Wojciech”, an old Slavic name that is still widespread in present-day Poland. It comes from two words: “woj” (the root of “wojownik”, warrior, and “wojna”, war) and “Ciech” (pleasure). Thus, the name has two meanings: “he who enjoys war” or “smiling warrior”.
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Kovaciny. Encoded.

What does the person who just sewed in the ass ampoule with the substance, the name, which he can’t even pronounce? Yes, goddammit, he doesn’t feel. Confusion, fear, pain – it all goes by the wayside, to the fore the realization that now opens before you a new life. Boring, monotonous life where the only happiness now will be late evening when you need to go to bed. Living in a place where all can drink to stay sober is almost impossible, but two sections, and six seams, Aurora Stepanovna it’s impossible made a reality.

– Excuse us, a cigarette is pulled on the sleeve Leh, my buddy.
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Come on without come on.

Back in Moscow, I discovered a nasty thing at kounopetra ended license for vodka and other sweets, so now, as in the good old film said: “it is a Pity that the spring was closed for vodka now to run away”. Go outside and realize foggy brain that I need to go somewhere for the portion of brandy with champagne. As I stood there, smoked and chatted with the janitor, opened the front door and left neighbor.

– Hey – she smiled
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Sasol, I linger…

The time of new year corporate parties and school discos. I, as many years ago, see the teacher every day, but now I don’t learn from it, and sleep with her. The young graduate of Badugi that teaches kids, something captivated me. I broke the main precept of his father, which he told me before his death Never date and never marry teachers are evil. Trust me, I live in “kindergarten” for 30 years”. But for me it is amazing and wonderful, so her profession, I just try not to notice.
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“Terrible” court

What that will be, let the fate decide…

Well, fuck you! – I’m trying to turn, but his knees hit the softness of the wall. Well, I told you to burn the fuck out! No, bitches, caulked in this horrible coffin – I swear. Fuck, I never hated petitie and small apartments. In them you are always alone with yourself and with your thoughts about what we need to do the repair. When the area is large, the mess is not as noticeable. Bitch I grasp the sleeve of a jacket on a nail sticking out. And suit, suit, fuck my sneakers! Nits. No, what shirt, what tie? Like parsley, I swear! And shoes too tight… Oh – I sigh…
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The last time a live Christmas tree we bought, 20 years ago, now put only artificial. With the advent of animals in the house, the living spruce was by definition impossible, and to throw thousands of Russian hairless beautiful, quite expensive. To throw tens of thousands on fluffy beauty from Holland or Denmark, actually crazy. Sunday. Morning. Seven hours in the morning. The bell rang at the door. I come around and open the locks, on the threshold of are shat and the Cauldron.

Good morning! – enters the apartment shat
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New year’s day. Part 1.

I Wake up from that somehow chilly. Huddle, yawn and look around. There is something curly, ash hair color. I rise up and push back a few curls from her face. Being female, sleeping like a angel, but as soon as I start coughing, she twitches and wakes up.

Hi – I look at her cloudy eyes – Faith? – I show her the finger
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