Islam and Islamism.

I’m not going to say that Islam is a religion of peace and Jihad is a struggle against temptations and their own weaknesses. Islam was established in the Gentile world with fire and sword, and well-documented details the conquest of Persia and the destruction of the very highly developed and humane civilization Zoroastrian cause blood to state in my veins. And the campaign of Tamerlane in India is generally a separate song and not for nothing the name is quite a specific area of the Hindu Kush means “killing of Hindus”. But…

Islam in the middle ages proved their ability to stop the belligerence and lust for the killings who took his peoples, and the Koran is its ability to be the basis of civilization, which can not but cause admiration. Suffice it to say that Western Europeans learned about the theology of St Maximus the Confessor is not from the Eastern Christians, and Muslims and Jews of Spain, where the latter fled from persecution in Western Europe. Thomas Aquinas, restoring not only the relationship with antiquity, but Christianity in the West after the anti-Christian pogrom in Europe in the second half of the 12th and first half of 13th centuries, was based on the works of the Arabic commentators of antiquity and the Great Cappadocians (Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa and Gregory the Theologian – advised to watch where is the homeland of the fathers of the Church) to say that Western Christian theology the Europeans got from the Muslim and predetermined affinity to Islam not only Catholicism, but also Protestantism.
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The West is the bearer of an advanced culture???

It is no secret that the dismantling of the Soviet system was held under the slogan of return to the bosom of the world civilization, of which we were supposedly ripped out by the October Revolution. Under world civilization meant, of course, the civilization of the West.

For the anti-Soviet, infected with the virus of Eurocentrism, and Western world terms are identical, as if other civilizations simply do not exist.
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V. L. Avagyan: the West – a secondary product of civilization

Original taken from ss69100 in V. L. Avagyan: the West – a secondary product of civilization

No doubt, the article of Vazgen Avagyan Laparotomia – a pearl of contemporary journalism. I haven’t had such a thoughtful analytical articles, enriched, besides, great neck near.


The main mistake of the past 30 years – in a completely distorted picture of the world view imposed on people, and literally skewing their brains. It’s not just what we write is not only swelling, hypertrophy any problems or sores-Soviet Russia.
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“Civilization” turns 25 years old-33 million copies of the game sold 1 billion game hours, 66 versions of the game

This post from the “feel old”. Quite unexpectedly the famous strategy of “Civilization” was 25 years old. Since its release in 1991 it’s been a quarter of a century, and now the toy is one of the cultural artifacts of game design, something that is recognizable by almost all.
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