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Paws up!

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This cat named Keyes one morning surprised the host that stood up, lifted her legs up and froze in this position for some time. Well, he took a picture, and almost forgot — but the next day the Case repeated the trick. And now it is repeated with enviable regularity.

Эта кошка все время поднимает лапы вверх, и никто не знает — почему

Vladimir Vasiliev, Black relay

Just want to say I am a fan of Vladimir Vasiliev. A fan of rabid and irrational. From the very beginning, i.e. since the mid 90-ies of the last century. Vladimir “Vaughan” Vasiliev firmly on my list of the best domestic fiction. I especially remember “the Face of Black Palmyra” and “Anarctica online”. “Wolfish nature” is not discussed.
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Kerry and Klimkin wooden Dildo

As it turned out, Hanna hopko (Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on foreign bag and European integration) can have up to three orgasms during a half-hour dialogue with the US Secretary of state John Kerry. Perhaps this is a major Kerry’s visit to Ukraine. Except, of course, new formulas of geopolitics, which was invented by Peter A. after a serious overdose of alcohol. Was still Klimkin, who helped his friend John to do some good shopping at Andriyivskyy descent.
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Covered Kazan

Original taken from kadykchanskiy in Covered Kazan

Original taken from algimady in Covered Kazan

In Kazan on Bauman street to Millennium city, by the year 2000, was built underground gallery. It is interesting that dug up the whole street. Existing studies in other cities show that there, under the ground. In Kazan it is possible.

The scene, fortunately frozen, dug up the street was blocked off and so left. It was assumed the use of the basement (first floor) existing buildings. The builders reached the foot of the foundations of buildings of the XVII-XVIII century. Write that nothing interesting was found. Now access underground is closed, but the network has a sufficient number of photos. It is clearly seen that the Windows of the first floor below ground level.
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Passions around Britain’s membership in the EU is heating up

Threat to NATO in the referendum on the secession of England from the EU saw the General, commander of land forces of the USA in Europe, reports The Daily Telegraph.
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The exposure of rudofilov

Sedofilia continues to mow down the ranks of true patriots, continuing to believe in the bright idea of visa-free regime. Once again I find it necessary to warn the alarmists, idiots and members of the parliamentary coalition: stop the panic! You undermine the foundations and, no doubt, pour water on the Kremlin’s propaganda mill. Actually, all is not as it seems.
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The French finally debunked the so-called "landing Americans on the moon"!

Original taken from nosikot in the French definitively debunked the so-called “landing Americans on the moon”!

In March last year took place the premiere of the new film of French Director A. bard-Jacques – Moonwalkers (which is translated as “moon Scam”) – where he discovered all the ins and outs of the manufacture of S. Kubrick fake – documentary about the alleged landing Americans on the moon.
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