Ukraine and Russia reconciled Linux

That is able to reconcile Russia and Ukraine? One of the topics where Russians 100% share the opinion of Ukrainians is Linux. Let’s give a word to our Ukrainian colleague linuksoida. He will tell you that Linux is for him and why he never will not change Linux to Windows. Ready to subscribe under each word, like any other reader, I guess. Isn’t brother us that linuksoid?

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Quote of the day. About Gosman :)

Original taken from vladimir_krm in quote of the day. About Gosman 🙂

If you carefully look at the published list of leadership positions Leonid Yakovlevich listed in the first paragraph notes, it can be easily seen that all these organizations (except RUSNANO, but here too there is hope that “while”) are United by one thing: they don’t exist in nature.

In contrast, by the way, from the Leonid Yakovlevich, who are quite wealthy and even offers Vladimir Putin to cede power in the organization, which, in spite of the efforts of colleagues and associates L. J. Gosman (and they really tried!), to destroy so far, so anyone and failed.
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A landmark event

Over a hundred years ago Leo Tolstoy has proven that Christianity is a Jewish sect created by the Jew Paul – Pawlenty

Dad, with which obasalsya Patriarch Kirill has confirmed the correctness of the words of Leo Tolstoy recently – Christians are the younger brothers of the Jews.
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And today is the birthday of Vyacheslav Volodina!

First Deputy Head of presidential administration of Russia, the curator of internal policy.

BBB ( as he called colleagues) also appears to be Aquarius!

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