The young forests of the Caucasus


Not very far from Maykop on the Federal highway M4 don, between the Hot Key and Dzhubga, beyond the pass, in the mountains is the village of Moldovanovka. Mountains covered with dense forest, which is now heavily cut down by poachers (it seems like everything of value was cut down). Father (about 1955) my friend claims that in his childhood, the mountains were bald. The forest was not at all. Friend says, go with father in the woods, he says that earlier this place was a collective farm, grew tobacco. Friend – what field, then solid wood?? – But this field was not then a forest.
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About democracy being an illusion

Was Mnogabukav, vyhodil here it is:

“…Further development of the mathematical proofs of the incorrectness of democracy as a tool to reflect the interests of society received in 1951 by Kenneth arrow ( for which he received the Nobel prize in 1972). In the study “Social choice and individual values”, he considered democracy as a social choice model that combines individual preference. Describe without mathematical apparatus.
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