Went out for wool, came back trimmed.

Many women are not descended from monkeys, but from crows or magpies. These ladies pull on shiny things, glamorous, luxurious, bogatoe! No, by itself it’s not bad. Who among us wants to live in abundance? Everyone wants a Mercedes, salary preferably in the.e. house in TSAT hundred meters, rest a few times a year to Goa and the other Courchevel, and so on and so forth diamond caviar for Breakfast. But, first, let it be, you have to work, or rather, earn, or know a nice place to sit down in a leather chair and quietly to cut the budget of the country, for the benefit of a loved one. It just so happened in the country that is rich, truly rich, who know where and how to find loot not so much, and all the women their just is not enough. The rest, as a rule, not very rich friends. No, dear reader, should not think that in Russia there are poor. We are not poor, as stated by the President. We have just 90% of the population beggars or poor beggars. So all is well and stable. The law of Economics, if the family spends on food more than 40% of income, they are poor, and if more than 60%, they are poor. But, we will not move away from the topic.

Rich people, very rich people, usually have a number of zebov. He’s remains in place after the Bank account exceeds twenty million dollars. Fucked these gentlemen are different. While working on their first profession, I’ve seen different friends, whose money drove the roof. One, for example, flew from St. Petersburg to the hotel, every weekend, just to down roulette and slot machines 3-5 million rubles. He had no goal to win, the goal was simply to lower the bubble cloud. Second companion was fond of, went into female toilet to peep, by the way, many ladies would not mind, as reported by the hotel security. His fortune was estimated at several tens of millions of dollars. Another comrade, periodically beat their passions. And they did it with feeling, really, and beat until then, until the woman’s face turned into minced meat. Anyway, we all have our fucked up, just someone critical, and someone not. The phone rings:
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Putin about the service and the national idea

Путин и бизнесмены

Vladimir Putin at a meeting with businessmen shared in the “question and answer” my understanding that there is a “national idea”. I think this issue is extremely important, because the idea, the ideal, actually that is the goal, whither the ship of state. Let’s look at the words of the national leader and try them, so to speak, to touch.
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Cool old house instead of the shed: 35 square meters of continuous comfort

Original taken from slavikap to Cool the house instead of the old shed: 35 square meters of continuous comfort