“R. F. Ungern-Sternberg and the Asian Cavalry division”

“To stop the pass arrived, as usual, the Mongols — fly like the eagles of the steppe. Surprise — one of them knew a few words in Russian: “Moscow”, “Komintern”, “international”, “Lenin”, “Karl Marx”, “Browning” and “revolver”.
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Mystery arrest Solzhenitsyn

Many writers, who suffered from arrest, prison, exile, left about memories, which, of course, very different not only by circumstances but also by the tone, the emotional coloring.

So Dostoyevsky told of his arrest with an ironic smile: “the Twenty-second or better to say, the twenty-third of April (1849), I returned home an hour in the fourth from Grigorieva, went to bed and immediately fell asleep.
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Troops of the NKVD in Kyiv boiler”

Troops of the NKVD during the great Patriotic war is not a mythical detachments with machine guns behind the advancing red Army (the image is inspired by the man in the street due to the extensive anti-Soviet mythology which flowed down from each iron for more than three decades).
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