Astakhov stays or leaves?

Астахов Песков

Astakhov on the news still appears, as a Commissioner, and the Kremlin still believe that children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov will resign, told reporters on Wednesday, press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.
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Commissioner for the economy of the Bavarian Soviet Republic

… the day of the proclamation of BSR was in Munich on his way from Berlin to Switzerland.

Dividing the anti-capitalist sentiment, Gezel saw the root of all evil in the monetary system, which enabled the owners of capital (investor) to make a profit without the application of their own labor.
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The press service Astakhov behaves strangely

Nhas agrelo

Original taken from annatubten in the Press service Astakhov behaves strangely

For starters, this isn’t some planned action against someone, in any case not hitting the Astakhova and not a trick.
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Faith and action. Or on historical responsibility.

Not as the interpretation I want to note this closeness of faith and action. The list of deeds performed by saints and righteous, we see how faith always takes action.

Today the Church celebrates the uncovering of the incorrupt relics of one of the most revered saints of the Russian land, the PDP. Savva Storozhevsky, which occurred on 19 January 1652, But today I’d like to tell you about something else.
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