New humiliation Poroshenko was not invited to the G20

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Новое унижение Порошенко: не позвали на G20 | Продолжение проекта «Русская Весна»Ukraine offended: Moscow seeks to implement a circuit solution to the conflict in the Donbass without its participation. Russia underestimated the contribution of climate Chugunkin in the implementation of the Minsk-2, and Poroshenko in a rumpled suit to see at the negotiating table by the Europeans no longer want. Everyone understands that the current leaders of Ukraine – the weak-willed puppets, who passed his sovereignty and geopolitical status box of cookies on the Maidan.

So what is there to communicate with talking dolls? Therefore, the Russian authorities are trying to implement a solution to the military conflict in the Donbass without Ukraine’s participation. This opinion was expressed Director of the Institute for political analysis and international studies Sergei Tolstov. “It’s perfect for Putin – to solve the issue with France and Germany, to designate the neutral status of Ukraine and to identify the prevailing interests of Russia in the post – Soviet space”, – said the analyst.
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A genius with cerebral palsy. The student helps to talk to people with speech disorders

A schoolboy from St. Petersburg invented the first in Russia program, which helps to communicate people with speech disorders. To program and maintain an active lifestyle teenager does not prevent even the fact that he can neither walk nor talk.
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Harsh, but fair

Original taken from muromec_13 in Why the slogan “DEATH to GIDAM!” – I consider patriotism ,not extremism.

But because bald pegorinos Putin offers zydowski diarrhea-extremism directed against Mejidov zydowskich in the Torah-Talmud is also not considered extremism. Yeah

Putin suggested not to look for extremism in the sacred books of Christians, Muslims, Jews and Buddhists
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In the state Duma introduced a bill restricting the rights of the vampire – collectors

Original taken from gmorder in the state Duma introduced a bill restricting the rights of vampires

Vampires are forbidden to drink the blood of citizens at night and not more often 2 times a week, sleep in a coffin at night and to brush your teeth. This is of course PPC will help people.
Moscow. February 17. INTERFAX.RU – Chairman of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin and Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko has submitted to the state Duma a bill that establishes rules for the interaction of collectors with debtors, reported “Interfax” in the Federation Council Committee on budget and financial markets.

The registry agencies

It is assumed that the rules of communication with debtors will be distributed on banks, microfinance organizations and collection agencies.
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Chock named Stalic!

The old clown in the arena again, now that marasmus and lover of the pasties had a bust-up with a girl on Facebook, you see the old fart was risovalka no, from what the girl wrote that at the airport a bunch of wogs.

I have always said: the Trouble with this country is idiots. Such as, the same Stalik the khankishiyev is not the best representative of his people. In Russia, unfortunately, comes all the garbage from Central Asia. A normal person with head and hands, will always find themselves at home. Come here and chocks.
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Huge dungeon under Tokyo

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Seventy-five percent of Japan consists of mountains, plains areas surrounded by mountains and are actually in the valley, and penetrated by many rivers flowing to the ocean. In a heavy rain, frequent typhoons, the water flows on flat land, going there, rivers quickly overflow and overflow their banks causing flooding of areas. Particularly this famous area between the rivers Edogawa and Arakawa, near Tokyo. This vysokoobrazovannym the area has repeatedly suffered serious flooding until it was decided to end this once and for all.

Огромное подземелье под Токио
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