How I became a Communist.

In this text I want to share one story. There are stories about people, is about things that I’m talking about a philosophical thought, which was a decisive ideological influence that I became a Communist. I would like to share how I “come yeah such a life”. Someone will laugh, someone is going to sound crazy, but someone will compare his way of becoming. The laughing and the “wild” of little interest to me, this post is for those who compare with his. So:
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The coup 1953, and his cover at the XX Congress (part1)

There is a myth that was “Stalinist repression”, i.e. when enough of innocent,white and fluffy and drove to fell the forest, if not “incommunicado”.

So is that the Victory in the great Patriotic war gave rise to these scoundrels, after which they realized that the Soviet Union is evil, and before that it was for the Motherland, for Stalin?
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Marx? No, I’ve never heard of… Party organization and party literature on-saganowski

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About communism

In this post I would like to advocate the following definition of communism: “Communism is the awakening and liberation of every person higher creative abilities” and show that it is organically Marxist theoretical tradition.
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