The get-together. “Vneshprombank” collapses along with the money OK the Russian Federation and the wives of members of the government

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Takeoff is prohibited! In the New year’s eve “optimized” more than 1,500 employees of the Corporation MiG

Takeoff is prohibited! On the eve of the New year fired more than 1,500 employees MiG

Chief editor of the newspaper “News Corporation” Valery Ageyev
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The calm before the storm

Now the herd is buying on the low speculators pushed on an ever-shrinking segment of the market – Quartet shares FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google). Actually rises in the last week there have been several outbreaks, but as history shows, this behavior is preceded by a large landslide. The market narrowed to four explosive growing of the shares of the Quartet FANG – suck from the casino the rest of the oxygen.

At the turn of the year the company FANG had a combined market capitalization of $740 billion and the joint profit for 2014 to $17.5 billion So 42-fold assessment factor may not seem strange for such a group of racehorses, but what has happened since then, certainly strange.
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Russia is a country of idiots!

After the downed aircraft over the territory of Syria or Turkey, fuck the hell knows, the country began fucking.

More stupid state than Russia is not, and never will be. There is not even an axiom, and God’s law. And God said: “Russia will be the most fucked up country in the World, Amen!”
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Patriot is not a position, it is the diagnosis…

In Russia there is a popular fun Shit to those who do good to you. Loves at us the people cut the branch on which it sits. For supposed greatness of the country, ordinary people are willing to suffer, starve, lose my job, I just wish TVs came the call: “We are great and invincible.” Moreover, in the Americas and Europe devalued the greatness in a good job, house in a prestigious area, decent car, good education and medicine. The greatness of Russia is transformed into the March of the herd on the 4th of November, 300 rubles and 50 grams of cognac, stinking from Kizlyar, the total price increase of commodities, the impoverishment of the population and as a result the complete collapse of everything.

Recently spoke about how she reacted to sanctions against Turkey in one of the offices of the Turkish company in Moscow. Managery different link delivered unforgettable pleasure gap pukana of the Russian President and his rhetoric against Turkey. Imbeciles do not understand that tomorrow they shut the company, they will remain on the street, with bare ass. But patriotism, you bitch more than food for the elementary children and the good of mankind. Morons absolutely do not think that even if they go into a Russian company, and they are lucky, because unemployment in the country has reached the level of 98-th year, where they won’t be honey. insurance, white wages, human working conditions, and so on. They’re scum, and ready for a bestial existence, just fucking Putin was on TV and shamed the Turks.
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Fake glitter treasures of Troy

0_36507_872aca59_XLThe fortunate adventurer-millionaire and Amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann excavated Troy, the legendary city, and became famous for centuries. Despite the fact that Golden treasure today travels around the world, around the findings so far is “the Trojan war”. Did Schliemann actually detecting gold treasure or was it a brilliant Scam, understands our correspondent.

In 1866, an unknown Amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann begins to search for the legendary Troy. In two years with a copy of “the Iliad” in his hands he has traveled the world and made a clear conclusion: the desired Troy is in Asia Minor, near the entrance to the Dardanelles, on the hill now called Hissarlik. Continue reading “Fake glitter treasures of Troy”

The fed lit a fuse shale bombs

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Predictions continue to come true. Ukraine became a full-fledged default — Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk declared that the Cabinet introduces a moratorium on the payment of Russian debt. Pile up Mr. Yatsenyuk imposed a moratorium for half a billion dollars, which two Ukrainian companies to Russian banks should have been:
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Venezuelan news: March for social achievements of the Bolivarian revolution

On the flag is the logo of the social mission “Housing” (Mision Vivienda), and next – signed Chavez.
Continue to monitor developments in Venezuela. The other day in Caracas and other cities held marches in support of the social gains of bolivarism and for the preservation of the social mission, state programs providing social rights are not only the poorest but the middle classes. About this photo:

1. Obedinenie entrepreneurs of Venezuela (FEDECAMARAS) demanded from the opposition to cancel the majority of Organic laws designed to ensure employment and social rights, as well as to revoke a Law banning fraud housing. This was the impetus to take to the streets.

2. “I will not take the “Mission Inside the quarter”, says the poster. This mission is in the field of health, are actively involved Cuban doctors.

3. On the March of the Commune from the regions.

4. “Es amor” – the Revolution is love. Not in the sense of sexual minorities, in the sense of humanism.

5. Absolute fidelity. The inscription on the background of Chavez.

6. I protect the Mission “a New tricolor Barrio” program on the improvement of slum areas.

7. Women in the Revolution.

8. the opposition is going to close Teleradio company CANTV, which is hosted at the National Assembly. Of course, why would they? They have their reliable media. To avoid this, the government transfers the management of the company workers of the channel. On lpcat written: “KANT is the people”

9. “In the revolution guaranteed the 14 required vaccines.

I will continue to monitor developments in Venezuela.

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Don’t Wake the sleeping cat!


It seems that the leader of the pique vests with the banks of the Thames was docucrease. The investigative Committee has charged Khodorkovsky correspondence accusation in murder of the mayor Petukhov.
A spokesman for the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin said today that the RCDS made the decision to prosecute the former head of YUKOS oil company Mikhail Khodorkovsky as a defendant in the murder of mayor of Nefteyugansk Vladimir Petukhov and the attempted murder of Vyacheslav Kokoshkin accompanying him. In addition, the businessman, who is now in Switzerland, is suspected of attempted murder of a top Manager of the company “East petroleum” Evgeny Rybin.

Markin said that on that basis, the investigation and operational services work of the “established involvement in the killings and the attempted murder of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who starred in this particularly active role“.
Markin explained that as a result of investigative work was able to obtain new evidence, and with this in mind, 11 December 2015, made the decision to prosecute Mikhail Khodorkovsky as a defendant in “murder and attempt at murder of two and more persons”.
Everything is clear, was holding some trump cards in his sleeve in case of failure of the citizen businessman with a chain. And were involved when it became clear that the immorality of Khodorkovsky, multiplied by its involvement in specific Western circles make him a kind of “drone”, designed exclusively for attack of the Russian statehood. Didn’t need Michael to cross the line.
All thought what this reminds me of? And that’s what. )

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“Gazprom Neft” announced the price of a barrel of oil $100


Gazprom-Neft camlet: “the price Reduction will be short term, soon the black gold will rise significantly in price”. Haven’t recovered from the previous increase in gasoline prices, amid declining oil prices, as again great. Now petrol is likely to rise due to the rise in price of oil. In General, of course, all of this is shamanism in the far North” ©, but it is interesting that this “shamanism” or suffering, whether enjoying the head not the small of our oil company.
“Gazprom Neft” announced the increase in the cost of a barrel of oil to $90-100. The process will be gradual, before it is possible small reduction. The current price of the company explained the game for a fall in expectation of increasing rates by the fed.

“If to speak about the current price level, one should consider some kind of game down, which happened recently in anticipation of a rate increase by the fed. The price has stabilized. What can happen next? Theoretically, if the game is on the decline will continue, it may lower and lower, but it is obvious that the price reduction will be short term” — quoted by “Russia 24” the head of “Gazprom oil” Alexander djukova.
The head of the Corporation called the price at $90-100 per barrel is fair for consumers and producers.
Earlier, the Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev said that he sees no prospects of growth in oil prices. Monday was record low for the last 11 years the price of black gold — $36,2.
Incantations to the gods of oil from top-managers of oil companies must be accompanied by a generous hecatombe, that is to say — by killing and burning a hundred or two bulls. Otherwise neshitov.
If to take into account that the major “bulls” playing on a fall in oil prices, are behind the ocean — we get a kind of apocalyptic pun. )
It’s funny HOW the elite want to go back, in the “hundred-dollar” oil comfort and bliss. And read in their eyes a silent cry: “I do NOT BELIEVE that it is forever!”

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