The most dangerous Olympic sport

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Make your body to do something beyond human capabilities — a constant path to serious injury. Even the Olympics where the best athletes of the planet, conduct our sad statistics. Recently, Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan broke his elbow, trying to take too heavy weight and this is just one of many such cases. Sport, of course, necessary for each person, but not the same price!

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The recipe is “clean” Olympic games from Guardian


The Guardian newspaper came up withhow to get rid of corruption and other scandals at the Olympic games. Finally a bright mind democratic journalist brought the benefit of mankind!
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Russian intelligence on the international military competition took first place

The team of Russia has won the held in Novosibirsk, international competition “masters of reconnaissance”, the press service of the Central military district.

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Vladimir Vasiliev, Black relay

Just want to say I am a fan of Vladimir Vasiliev. A fan of rabid and irrational. From the very beginning, i.e. since the mid 90-ies of the last century. Vladimir “Vaughan” Vasiliev firmly on my list of the best domestic fiction. I especially remember “the Face of Black Palmyra” and “Anarctica online”. “Wolfish nature” is not discussed.
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Drum jam, Yes, a box of biscuits


Council doping International Association of athletics federations (IAAF) allowed the informant to the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Yulia Stepanova to participate in international competitions as a neutral athlete. Infamous runner is the first Russian athlete, has officially admitted to competitions abroad.
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[Sandbox] School robotics competitions in the state of Illinois, USA

I recently participated as judges in the competition in robotics among high school students in high school Batavia city (Rotolo Middle School, Batavia), Illinois, USA. About these competitions, I would like to tell you guys that participated in them, and their robots have impressed me.

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Tomsk scientist entered the top 200 the world’s best programmers

Томский ученый вошел в топ-200 лучших программистов мира

Young scientist Tomsk Polytechnic University Pavel Khaustov entered the top-200 of the best programmers in the world by the project Codeforcesthat unites people from different countries who are interested in and participate in programming competitions.
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Counted them… Isinbayeva, Chicherova and Shubenkov got to the list of banned athletes

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The U.S. air force can’t refuse Russian rocket engines

Yesterday I wrote about the factthat Congressman Kevin McCarthy and Senator John McCain’s call to ban the U.S. use of rocket engines RD-180 produced in Russia. But the head of the U.S. air force Deborah Lee James said the Pentagon is still no alternative to RD-180 and cannot abandon them. In addition, the authorities need to maintain competition, and leaving United Launch Alliance monopoly on the market may be SpaceX.

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