Liberal plug for the country

Anyway, and all the people are to blame. But the most striking thing is that all these three forces were and are a United anti-Soviet, and now anti-Russian front. Not a bit embarrassed, its different the benchmark for present day and past of the country. Because by and large they are neither to past nor to the present and especially the future of the country is not the case. They have their own country and their people despise.
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About Ministry of education Vasilyev, first estimations

August 19 became known that the new Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation instead of Dmitry Livanov will be Olga Vasilyeva, Deputy Directorate for public works projects of the presidential Administration
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The code of honor of Buryatia

Original taken from matveychev_oleg in the Code of honor of Buryatia

Honor is treated as an innate human feeling, an integral part of his personality. In the traditional system of values of culture of many peoples, the category of honor is more important than human life. Under the honor refers to a person’s awareness of their personal responsibility to their friends, family members, society and the recognition of human society as a person. People who observe the laws of honor, worthy of respect and has reason to be proud. Meanwhile, honor is a concept more internal, that is inherent in this category of person initially or he developed it during his life. This concept tends to deflect depending on individual foundations of concrete personalities, aptitudes, and living conditions. All this means that the honor concept is not absolute, but is multifaceted, including categories of both fixed and variable.

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Goethe’s Faust is a hymn to anthropocentrism, turning into selfishness (5)

This is the last part of the report on “Faust”. Goethe. But not the last report made at two meetings of the Face dedicated to this great work.
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On the way to talking about “Faust”. What is the Modern era?

After talking about the Era as a concept, about the Projects that formed the content of the epoch and the relation of the concept of the Era with historical periods, we next report considered Modern. Considered as an epoch and as a project.
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The accumulation of the cultural layer

Comments friends

Our district andriivka in Taldy-Kurgan region of the Kazakh. SSR according to the size of a quarter of Maskvabad 1930-ies. As far as I remember there are no JANITORS did things ever (well, maybe at school or somewhere else in the district Committee and holding someone, but not on shared streets), mud and manure why is that 3 meters are not overgrown.
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Twenty-first century, as the point of bifurcation – the time of the change of epochs.

The report itself was quite lengthy, contained many distractions and illustrations. And since it has a rather indirect relation to Goethe’s “Faust”, we put only the main points from the report of our comrade, Nicholas P..
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Historical revisionism

In the Russian version of the Wiki article on historical revisionism frankly miserable.

The only significant reference leads to the promoters of Holocaust denial. It is their trying to make to my camera. Type you one.
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