Cuban pioneers – the future of the island of freedom

Cuba recently held national Assembly of the Cuban pioneers. Guys and girls from across the country gathered in Havana, where they discussed the urgent problems not only of their social group, but of the whole country. I propose to look at the faces of the future of the Cuban revolution. They are serious and give hope that the revolution is continued:
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And that’s what the fight was about. Sorry Biden left early and missed.

People’s Deputy Oleg Barna (fraction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”), which is gathering signatures for a draft resolution of no confidence in the government, brought to the podium the Prime Minister a bouquet of roses. And then took Arseniy balls…
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Sravnenie periods 1346-1349 and 1802-1805

Suppose we want to compare two periods, let the same length. Let’s say our favorite, 1346+4 years 1802 and +4 years. Then if you place the events in them as points on a graph, where on X our regionality, and Y the timestamp of the picture, if one period is a reflection into the past of another, should roughly be the same. Timestamp in the form of a number of the year of the birth of Christ uncomfortable, we nointo to combine the pictures of two frames, so we denote the first year of each period as 1, the second 2, and so on. In addition, in both periods you need to take only those events, which occurred here and there, so as not to clutter the picture is obviously superfluous.

So, combining photos of two periods, the blue circles – events 1346-1349, purple 1802-1805.
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