Cuban pioneers – the future of the island of freedom

Cuba recently held national Assembly of the Cuban pioneers. Guys and girls from across the country gathered in Havana, where they discussed the urgent problems not only of their social group, but of the whole country. I propose to look at the faces of the future of the Cuban revolution. They are serious and give hope that the revolution is continued:
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Alaska was not sold to USA

Two interesting video about fake for sale Alaska. The report of candidate of historical Sciences Ivan B. Mironov, read at the conference “the Issues of falsification of Russian history” at the Russian state library and the video on the same topic

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The PlayStation 4 launched Linux

Now in Hamburg is hosting a conference Chaos Communication Congress under the code 32С3 (she’s 32). Hacker group Fai0verflow presented a report with a demonstration run Linux on the console of the fourth generation from Sony. After the recent jailbreak of the console that was expected. Enjoy!

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32c3 — Internet censorship, a possible future of the Runet

Yesterday was the largest conference of its kind — 32с3 — Chaos Communication Congress.

the theme of the conference – Gated communities. Lectures four streams, nonstop from 11 am to 12 midnight + 189 side events — various workshops and other and other. If the day is going — make sure you buy your tickets in advance — they quickly run out online and offline need to stand in line for two hours EVERY day, maybe selling only one-day excavation. All BIG and all tickets may not be enough 🙂
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Venezuelan Chronicles: waiting for the hour “Che”.

Continue heading Venezuelan Chronicles. Up to an hour “x” Venezuela remains one week. January 5 begins to fulfill its duties, the national Assembly in its new composition, where the opposition holds the vast majority, Venezuela will enter a new era of confrontation. What’s gonna happen? What does the opposition? What measures are taken by Maduro to cushion the crisis, that the hour “x” the hour “che”? About this review of recent key events:
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State anti-Soviet ideology

Arguing and insisting that in Russia there is no state ideology liberals lie. However, as in many other ways. The ideology is. It is anti-Soviet.

In our last post I went on a deliberate simplification of the situation. I said that the predominance of Russophobia and antiperiodicity in the information field of the country is only a consequence of the big financial and organizational possibilities of the liberals than the patriots. This is partially true.
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The coup – the country after the 1953 rules Trotskyist gang.

Originally posted by nordsky at a Coup by the country after the 1953 rules Trotskyist gang.

Original taken from marafonec in a Coup. The answer to those who accuse me of conspiracy.

Original taken from p_balaev in a Coup. The answer to those who accuse me of conspiracy.

Amazing results sometimes turned out by the best in the world of Soviet education. Some products of this education, boasting that their exam did not tupil not come out of my journal, but time and again, accuse me of conspiracy when I speak of conspiracy in the CPSU Central Committee, which ultimately successful Trotskyist revolution to the elimination of Soviet power and of socialism in the Soviet Union, and later to the disintegration of the country. What is most surprising, “products exam” , our young people, I accuse, and if you ask questions, it is normal, try to understand…
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LaRouche : Emergency broadcast: the address to the nation: "the American people, you are betrayed!"

Original taken from konsul_777_999 in LaRouche : Emergency broadcast: the state of the nation address: “the American people, you are betrayed!”