the resistance of a material

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Only the master can give the guarantee and not 100%.

Manual glass cutting fraught – charted track glass cutter, held a couple of times – but no – a chip off the slicer and went to the side.
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Another candidate is trying to remove their past from search engines

The candidate Eduard Bagirov preparing for the electoral campaign. What do I need to do? Right, to remove from the Internet the defamatory, outdated, and unreliable biographical facts (desertion from the army, stints in prison, expulsion from University, etc.). By law, any user has the right to remove from search results links to outdated or inaccurate information.
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The press service Astakhov behaves strangely

Nhas agrelo

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For starters, this isn’t some planned action against someone, in any case not hitting the Astakhova and not a trick.
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Syncretism: the race in dictionaries

The recent modest extractor of quintessence (i.e., I) got a lot of pompous references to syncretism in General and syncretic cults in particular. To understand the adult interlocutor, when he with a significant view reports about their regressive trends is not easy, and even harder to forgive. In addition, it was foundthat one recently passed away Italian Professor 20 years ago made a scream: “Now I’ll explain everything!” — after what may have confused the minds of men so that conceptual thinking in them stopped working. Some still believe in the magical power of syncretism.

Therefore it seemed useful to go and collect the basic values and contexts of this word in a tight, heavy knot, which is handy to have in case of urgent necessity in psycho-correction.
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Marseille tied to the rail, navigable rivers there. Not ancient

MY COMMENT: the author is right. Marcel first was called Massilia, and this is most likely completely different city.

Widely mentioned in connection with the revolution of 1789, that is, in fact, the earliest from 1830.
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Not too well you live? The government will reduce the expenditure budget 2016 10%

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Will shake every penny. In the state Duma a draft on the transition to cash registers of new generation

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