10 dangerous indoor plants. They need to know!!!

One of the most dangerous plants recognized as spurge. All parts of this plant contain a poisonous SAP that can be cause severe burning, skin blisters, and in case of contact with eyes, even temporary blindness.
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Common foods that were genetically modified

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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is a hot topic around the world. Many European countries refuse GMO products from the USA, the same trend is observed across Africa. Many people are against GMO products and do not understand what they represent. Basically, GMO is an organism that has been modified in the laboratory by introduction of DNA from another organism. This is usually done in order to create plants resistant to pesticides or resistant to pests. While GMO products already exist around us, many people do not know that now is a customer. Therefore, in the United States is taking steps to introduce mandatory labeling of such products.

1. Honey

It is hard to imagine that honey contains GMOs, as it is a product produced by bees. But bees need to get somewhere pollen, and pollen in the United States is going indiscriminately — like plants containing GMOs, and conventional, non-GM, plant. Most often it is corn that has problems with air pollen drift and contamination. Bees all over the world collect pollen from various crops, and farmers engaged in beekeeping, it is increasingly difficult to ensure that their products do not contain GMOs.
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20 products, ruthlessly burn fat. Starve for weight loss don’t have to!

To have the perfect shape dreams of any person are overweight. As you know, this definitely needed the exercise and well-planned meals. For everyone who is in the middle of losing weight, the top twenty products will become the lucky trump card. Food that helps burn fat is not a myth. The offered food products help to accelerate metabolism, excrete excess fluid, to regulate digestive processes. All of them contributes to fat burning, we need only to tweak their menu! Make your meal plan of foods that promote weight loss. The result will exceed all expectations.

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Dry statistics about violence in the Bible and the Quran

I have on adjacent shelves are the Bible and the Koran in Russian, presented in Tashkent. Do not just read the Scriptures both in parallel, each time receiving podtverjdenie that they both tell about the same events. But here’s something to count not smart enough, unlike the programmer Thomas Anderson:

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The best products for your mind

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Pineapples. Pineapples stimulate long-term memory. Thanks to those yellow fruits we can remember more information than usual. So if you are preparing for exams — don’t forget to eat some pineapple.

About fractions and capitalism

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We all remember well the pricing under capitalism. Standard technique here is the entry price of 9.99 (non-integral number). Consequently nothing is the best proof of the presence of capitalism in society as the use of mass fractions (of particulars).
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