Analysis of acoustic signals bottlenose dolphins showed the potential that they have developed spoken language

Researchers from the Karadag nature reserve, recorded “conversation” between two dolphins with the help they have developed an underwater microphone. After that, the recorded audio signals were thoroughly analyzed. Was also developed a system of analysis of acoustic signals of dolphins that allows you to distinguish between voices of different individuals.
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“There is no money. You there, hold on!”

As a primitive Khrushchev was able to beat the intellectuals and Stalin? Yes, just in the “regions” didn’t want their sons expected their way of life with linear fitters then become engineers/gunners, and by zapadlo to die in darned socks and with a few rubles in the savings Bank.

And” lost in the crowd of mediocrity.

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Pranker revealed anti-Russian plan.

Famous Russian pranker Vovan and Lexus, which have managed to ferret out secrets of famous people, at this time, found out first hand what is really behind the decision to deprive the Olympics in Rio Russian athletes and doping scandal in General.
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Another nail in the coffin lid of the collection

Original taken from strajj in Another nail in the coffin lid of the collection

A thousand times talked about the fact that in Russia the collectors are gangsters in the official status and should be banned. Another case of collection of the mayhem was caught today in the network, post the recorded conversation in which the collector is trying cleverly to threaten the interlocutor.
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Swords and plowshares

In the preaching wasn’t only charge-in some Bolsheviks and revolutionaries, have been accustomed to over the last twenty years. It was about spiritual blindness and the disease afflicting the whole society on the eve of 1917. Such is dialectics! I don’t know how it reflects the processes of all the clergy and the ROC in General. But let on a small area of the “front of confrontation between “left” and “right-wing” patriots marked a truce.
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How to treat depression the cat

Original taken from brazilnatal in How to treat depression the cat

Once, when Gabriel fell into a depression, began to refuse to eat and to communicate, and even began to fall in hungry faints, our brilliant Moscow Ulmicola vet said that cats are thinking too much about life, and what if the person the cat is too smart, we need him urgently to entertain, and to do this as long as the person doesn’t become stupid.
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Nubia My Prague: the fine spirit of strong nature

Never thought I’d write these words on Geektimes, but geeks is not alien to romance. The degree of which, according to commercial calculation, must necessarily increase with the approach of February 14. Anyway, the holiday finally settled among the Russian traditions, and our favorite waiting for nice surprises, even if I don’t make a and strongly complain about this day. And of course, there’s no better attribute for the expression of feelings than a smartphone: the messengers, letters, pictures, a joint selfie, immediately mounted lavstori, music and, of course, short calls and long conversations. Our team plunged into the pile of novelties and chose three of smartphone that can be a good gift. And we start with a review of the slim and truly sophisticated phone from Nubia.

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Stalin was a Key Figure in the history of the USSR

How do you evaluate the significance of Joseph Stalin in the history of the USSR and, in General, the impact on Russian civilization? And is it possible? Why did Stalin decades later causes heated discussions and outside of Russia? Some Other Great Leader, a Hard Tyrant, who is closer to the truth or is it unattainable? Stephen Cohen in the transmission of opposites, the conversation on the subject of Grand Historical figures, controversial but Great!

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