Happy birthday, Maduro!

“Happy birthday, President!” Today, November 23, the birthday of the Venezuelan President. Celebrating it away from home and in a working visit to Tehran at the summit of member countries of the gas exporting. However, presidents do not get used.
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Shoigu: Russia’s Nuclear forces is in full combat readiness


Perhaps we are much closer to global nuclear war than one would assume.
In any case, the constant pedaling our elite themes of Russia’s readiness for nuclear confrontation – thing unique in modern history.

And in mid-late Soviet period, as I remember, the conversations were mostly about what “world peace”, “if only there was no war” etc. And now what?
Shoigu: “Russia’s Nuclear forces are in combat readiness”:
This is the Minister of defense said at a closed government hour in the state Duma
The Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at a closed government hour in the state Duma said that the nuclear forces of the Russian Federation are in full combat readiness, reports “RIA Novosti”.
“The nuclear component of the strategic nuclear forces are in the operational status, and provide the parity and the security of our country. This was noted and reported to the deputies”, — quoted Shoigu, the head of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Komoedov.

Vladimir Putin on missiles with “special” b/h:
About beats from a submarine. Of course, we should analyse everything that happens on the battlefield, how the weapons works. And “Gauges”, and missiles X‑101, in General, have proven themselves very well. This new, modern and highly effective, we understand it now, precision weapons, and can be equipped as a normal warhead, and warhead, that is, with nuclear content.
Of course, in the fight against terrorists does not need any, hopefully never will need. But in General, this indicates a significant move forward from the point of view of improvement of weapons and equipment, which arrives in the Russian army and the Navy.

Instead of brute Khrushchev’s “Kuz’kina mother” came elegant “leaks” about superioridad, uncovered the warheads of the nuclear deterrent and other “rattling”, “pulling paddles” and a convex slide show “of armenizatsii” of the armed forces.
Here is one interesting point – all of these movements cannot be carried out without recognition of the fact that the Russian enemy. The enemy aimed at the destruction of our state by any means, until the means of nuclear attack. This recognition of the presence of the enemy must be not only spoken within our military and political elite, but also announced to the society, because without their mobilization to win in the confrontation impossible. The townsfolk and commoners war will not win.
The sooner we will have an open conversation military-political leadership with the people – the more time in reserve to mobilize to Win.

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so Brazil, with its incredible Bossa Nova and beyond. of course it’s Antonio Carlos Jobim


early albums are all great types

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F016NbHwszEЖилберту, Astrud
albums of those years, too, I recommend a collection , where to find hope you know
in addition to Barefoot in Brazil and there are a lot of other music such as Forró
performers in this style a lot

I remember these
of course, there is also Coopera and one of her favorite artists at me it Mestre Barrão
of course another cool South American music in the style of Cumbia is more often it occurs in Peru and Colombia but also very good
that’s still not a bad MIX from radio DJ Peterson Lived
unfortunately with ads but a decent compilation with very different music
well here is just a storehouse of music , because the music is just in the blood do not even know where to start well, for example with the magic tool’s Crust and one of the best performers on the hold Toumani Diabaté

He had a good album with the famous Blues guitarist Ali farcot Tour
and with the Balec Sesoko

another little-known but decent group of king sunny ade and super album juju music
the whole album is not on the tube, but you can download it in other places .
B,G, said in an interview that the best concert at which he was this is a concert by king sunny ade
anyone watched the film *Broken flowers* will recall this Ethiopian music with the strange name Remains Mulatto

Dessert Blues collections of African Blues all 3 good

Collections of Nigerian rock 70s

here by the way Africans and Indians joined , the whole album is good , seems at once could not find , but by the title I think you can find * Afro-Indian Project *
here’s another fun girls from Belgium Zap Mama,

their first album was called Zap Mama, and in my opinion the most outstanding for then they boarded Rega , though not bad , but the first is more a shaman or something
not that I disliked quite Rega , but rather I like something like the old Rico Rodriguez

here is his old albums , but the main Man from wareika no (((
I think you can add here
here are some of the albums have

still very beautiful by Ayub Ogada

fans of Ayahuasca say that there is nothing stronger than that by the combination thereof with

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