“A prisoner of the apes


Lives in Sweden currently faring is Mrs. Eva Sulman (Eva Sohlman). Does the writing ostropoliticheskie Wikipedia in different democratic media, and lately very interested in Crimea. Goes to visit, haunting the cities and villages, and the results of business trips of tours writes an interesting travelogue. For example, the following text: In the Crimea come back kings. The theme of the Crimea and all sorts of different monarchs, to be honest, I found these so often that it should not be neglected. What is singing his song lady Sulman?
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The details of the capture of Ukrainian saboteurs to Crimea

Original taken from andreyvadjra in the Details of the capture of Ukrainian saboteurs to Crimea

According to the FSB, in the North of Crimea were two armed incident, which involved agents of the main intelligence Directorate (Gur) of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. On the night of August 7, a group of seven armed men who were dressed in the camouflage of Soviet design, inflatable boats were transported via the Gulf of Perekop and planted near Armyansk.
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Journey Crimean women from Simferopol to Kiev

In the good old days, when between Simferopol and Kiev was a train that I often visited the capital, because I love this city (How not to love you, my Kiev!” – this old song today Crimeans are particularly relevant).

But in the last two years, do it rarely, as the road became more difficult, and crossing borders – it’s all for me stress: I can not get used to the fact that we shared. But recently finally decided on a trip, very much wanted to be back in Kiev, to breathe its free airand see old friends.
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The terrorist state of Ukraine


Almost every Olympics is now accompanied by military provocations from the West. Only in 2012, when the Olympics were held in one of the “bulwarks of democracy”, London was relatively quiet, apparently, the commercial interests of big business outweighed the desire to hurt Russia.
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It’s time okuitelno stories!

The new birth of the Tauride national University named after Vernadsky in Kiev, was even more successful than expected. The admissions Committee of the University opened for the second week, and every day in the lobby of the “Crimean home”, where they take the documents, collected tens and even hundreds wishing to study in the “University-refugee TNU.
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Putin aide defends Google


Decommunization names of settlements of the Crimea in Google Maps — this is a mistake of developers of the service, said Life President’s Advisor, Chairman of the Board of the Institute for the development of the Internet Herman Klimenko.
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