Ne the nail on the head!

Original taken from wowavostok in the DESTRUCTION of SMALL BUSINESS – 23.

Original taken from sssr_cccr in the DESTRUCTION of SMALL BUSINESS – 23.

The global economic crisis will not end until, until the earth will be one “Golden” billion of people, and that those who need a world government. That will not do hunger, unemployment, stress, crime and war will finish man-made viruses and epidemics.

A state of emergency

Introduced in Turkey a state of emergency can only say that the situation is still not under full control of the authorities. Erdogan saidthat the country’s possible new coup attempt.

You need to understand that Erdogan is obviously trying to squeeze it for everything possible.
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The cards in the hand. The Syrian opposition welcomed the decision of Putin to withdraw troops from Syria

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The future is already here, but not exactly what we’d like to see him

The Director of National intelligence of the USA James Klepper in the framework of the report on national threats before the meeting of the Commission on intelligence of the U.S. Senate voiced long and boring list of threats in the world and asked for more money: the destruction of nation States, the scarcity of natural resources lead to armed conflict, the strengthening of the European migration crisis, a serious threat to the political disintegration of Afghanistan. The most interesting moments told by the heads of the CIA, FBI, NSA and military intelligence were said in this day about IoT and the terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

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The Pope agrees that Ukraine is not "aggression" and the civil war. Kiev in sho

Original taken from i_m_ho in the Pope agrees that Ukraine not “Russia’s aggression” and the civil war. Kiev in shock

Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis in their signed following the results of the historic meeting of the Declaration called on all parties to the conflict in Ukraine to prudence and active peacemaking, reports TASS.

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Terrorisim’t give a shit. Russians named the main threat to the country – rising prices and the impoverishment of the population

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