Driving on a forest road knight, behind him sits his Lady-love. Here leaves the Black Knight and says “This is my road! For travel on it, I’ll take all your money and rape your Lady love!”.

Cowardly knight looks that the Black Knight is big and the armor he had better of his own, and says, “Okay.” Gives money and goes to meet the Black Knight with his Lady in the bushes.

The Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua: a 37-year anniversary.

Jul 19, the Nicaraguan people marked the anniversary of the Sandinista revolution, the immediate successor of the Cuban revolution. Now Latin America is not “flaming continent”, but certainly “smoldering” because the former fuse disappeared and went out, just slowly and patiently waiting for his new “Che”. When he breaks through is an open question. Yes, now the region is experiencing a right turn, but the spiral of History is inexorable and objective. Sooner or later, the “mole of history” will do the trick and will come out. Meanwhile, I propose to plunge into the atmosphere of festive Managua:
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[Translation] Ask Ethan No. 76: the very early universe

What happened when it was so hot that matter and antimatter were formed spontaneously?

From the special theory of relativity implies that mass and energy are different manifestations of the same concept to the average mind is unfamiliar.
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Bad news from abroad. In the United States begins a new shale boom

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The state Duma-VI: shit and go

Listen to the radio “Salt” with the participation of Mary Mamikonyan and Olga Vinogradova. Amazed by the results of the work of the state Duma 6-th convocation. The representatives of the people, managed to create problems for his people for many areas:
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Historical revisionism

In the Russian version of the Wiki article on historical revisionism frankly miserable.

The only significant reference leads to the promoters of Holocaust denial. It is their trying to make to my camera. Type you one.
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Boatmen and roads

Original taken from mylnikovdm in the HAULERS AND the ROAD.

Original taken from vaduhan_08 in the HAULERS AND the ROAD.

River road antiquity. So we learn from the official history, so we learn from the reality in which we live and looking at how scurrying court of the Volga river with this stupid arguing. The ancient city was built on the river because on the river you can move back and forth, we need only to build a boat. What to build a boat and not just for that, you need iron tools, well at least the axe, it is clear to all. In order to make the axe right industry, albeit primitive but well-functioning, there where the axe and nails, weapons and much more. THAT is, people should already be sufficiently settled and developed to build a boat and embark on a path to explore new lands! The proponents of “logistics” theories of human development assume that the land was settled by people “the sea”. Let’s try to work this out.

As I wrote above, to build a boat and become a “people of the sea” need to establish a well-developed industry on the land, because ore, forest do not grow in the sea and boats are still there! Means still first legs top top beyond the forest, ore and other quirks type limestone and clay for the stove and concentrate. Well OK they did all these geniuses lived on land but near the river, made the boat sank with axes and weapons and go! But where forward? At the river two directions – upward, against the current and downstream. Still down… probably on top of something already brought the river, the man on the tree, the woman the hares in a flood on the ice, anything was, but from the bottom up there was no one. But the most important is the fact that down is not necessary to paddle down the river! Probably the first trip down was on a simple raft (raft – fleet), in my childhood I floated down on a simple raft made of reeds, food will collect and forward, to explore new lands. Well got people “land” to the sea put the city and began to explore new lands, find the confluence of the new river has set a new city… now what? Up the river… but how? The river up on the sail, especially where the river is wide – no problems. But because the river than higher up the faster the current, the rapids are already any sail will not help. What to do, but nothing special, overboard and pull the strap! Here is when we come to the topic of “boatmen”.
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