Alarming reports from Khasavyurt

Original taken from etoonda in Disturbing reports from Khasavyurt

The Dagestan Khasavyurt, which many Russians associate with, to put it mildly, dubious of the 1996 agreements, the other day again identified himself as a hotbed of tension. Mainstream media in Russia, apparently, decided that the Khasavyurt events of today special attention is not worthy, and in the end it turned out that no problem in this North Caucasus town as not. But actually the situation in Khasavyurt absolutely can not be called quiet, and if the problem is silent, it is unlikely that this is the case when the problem can “disappear” by itself. So what is it?

And it’s about the fact that in Khasavyurt recently held several protests of the local population. The streets 140-thousandth of the city to “walk” people to the expression of explicit discontent at the harsh individuals, indignation which, as they themselves announced, due to the closure of the so-called “Northern” of the mosque. The severity of some dissatisfied persons, that attracts special attention, hid the mask.
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