The project “Ukraine” may be closed this fall

Øisoprene Ukrainian identity

Original taken from nnils in the Project “Ukraine” may be closed this fall

The other day former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko criticizing the current President Petro Poroshenko for his factory in Russia, issued Ukrainian media following tirade: I can not imagine that Churchill was a factory in Germany, for example, in 1942 or 1943″. *
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Microsoft is increasingly using Linux

Microsoft и Linux

Every third car in Microsofts Azure Cloud installed Linux — declared legal expert mark Russinovich. Thus, the share of Linux has increased from 1/4 to 1/3. Meanwhile, it seems that the company is no longer bad news, though critics still claim it’s “Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish” (maintain, build and destroy) — strategy . “Infect” free technology proprietary components to gradually, step by step to learn

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The fate of the building of Deutsche Bank

In the building of Deutsche Bank, which is in the photo at the back… there was a big hole from the fact that he dropped a piece of the South tower (world trade center).

…it was dismantled brick by brick, each brick is Packed in plastic and buried in the dump for toxic waste.
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NATO has admitted or a warning?

Подбитый Су-24М

Russia opposes the establishment of relations with NATO that leads to such consequences as Turkey downed a Russian plane, was declared by the Deputy NATO Secretary General Alexander Vershbow on Monday, June 13, at the opening of the 11-th international security forum in Geneva, RIA Novosti reported.
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A Russian ship for the flight to the moon would be called “the Federation”

In September 2015, Rocket and space Corporation “Energy” declared competition on the name of the transport ship the new generation for missions including to the moon. Applications were accepted until November 2, and the results, as promised, objavili in January 2016.

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Almost all young Icelanders believe that the world originated in the Big Bang

imageAs a result of sociological research conducted in Iceland, it became clear that no one (literally 0%) of young people under the age of 25 years does not believe in the idea that the world was created by God. Instead, the overwhelming number of young people (93.9%) believe that the world was created in the Big Bang, and 6.1% of the respondents have no opinion about the origin of the world. Thus adherents of the idea of creationism among young people in Iceland. The study drew the attention of resource Magazine Iceland.

Richard Dawkins would be happy with the above results, if not some contradiction with the way in which young Icelanders belong to a particular religion. It was found that 40.5% of them are atheists and 42% declared themselves Christians. While most religious people live outside of Reykjavik — their number reaches 90%, and most atheists just live in the capital of the country (31.4%).
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