Quickly and simply buy in the USA Pochtoy.com (+ a gift for readers)

The crisis is not a reason to defer purchases. Money depreciates faster than the technology (so that there is a technique of buckwheat view). The difference in rates is not the same as before. But abroad you can find products with a lower cost than in Russia. The American market offers the best quality service and high quality goods. The problems start at the stage of delivery in Russia and CIS countries. Our service Pochtoy.com take the shipment for themselves, and deliver a welcome package in just 7-15 days directly to the apartment — much faster than any South-Eastern of the country.
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Roscomnadzor will not block “Roskomsnab” for posting how to bypass website blocks

The representative of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy said that the Agency is prepared to exclude “Roskomsnab” from the registry of banned sites, writes the BBC. “Moskomsporta” removed advertising anonymization and encryption as a way to circumvent the law — that is, the information which the court recognized as illegal”, — said Ampelonskiy.

However, there is one condition — the remote information is not required to re-appear on the resource. “We monitorem website “Moskomsporta” before the expiry of the decision on the lock, that is until Friday night. If wrongful information will not appear on it again, it will deliver the resource to the exclusion from the register” — added the press Secretary of the Ministry. At the time of publication of this material is “illegal” materials, which said Ampelonskiy, not appeared on the website “Roskomsnab”, so we can talk about the high probability of exclusion of the resource from the list of banned sites.
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Announced ARM64 fee for developers (and fan)$ 40 Odroid-C2 on Amlogic S905

Good day, dear readers!

Strange that I haven’t got a short news about it, therefore, will undertake to write. Last week the company Hardkernel, familiar in manufacturing dev boards based on arm processors from different manufacturers (mostly Samsung Exynos and Amlogic, but he had the Board full analog RPi over small format, which they hard pressed the issue), has announced the release of a new Board Odroid-C2 on the basis of 64-bit ARM processor from Amlogic S905.
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How Russian engineering advances have made possible today’s operation in Syria


The rate and efficiency of the Russian air force (they’re now called air and space forces, so I’ll call them RVCS below) has impressed Western military experts. Not only the number of sorties three times, which could reach the USA and other NATO countries, but the Russian bombardment is surprisingly accurate, despite the fact that Russian planes fly at an altitude of over 5 km, outside the reach of MANPADS. They fly at night and in bad weather. It is more amazing when you consider that most of the work doing the su-24 (adopted in 1974) and su-25 (adopted in 1981). Most of the problems in Syria can be resolved these two wonderful, but, frankly, ancient aircraft, while the presence of a new advanced su-34 are tested (and, after the Turks shot down a su-24, protection against air attacks). What happens? As Russia is seeking such almost miraculous results?
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