The process has begun. The opposition of Belarus won a seat in Parliament for the first time in 20 years

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Democrats they train Dolphins and have a Dolphin democracy. Not for the anchovies

Originally posted by kadykchanskiy at Democratic the Stalin rating of 90%. But Democrats don’t like democracy

Article Lion Thin.

I have often noticed that the Pro-Western Democrats-liberals actually hate democracy. In the Crimea-Donbas democratic majority for Russia and against Bandera-Obama. But, the Democrats don’t like it, they come on a throat to an own song and support some reason the authorities and the opinion of the minority. That is, in fact, they antidemocracy.
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Ally of Angela Merkel called the US guilty in the migration crisis

The Prime Minister of Bavaria and partner of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition by Horst Seehofer said that the US is indirectly guilty in the flow of refugees seeking to the EU.

The politician also expressed the view that the US, Arab countries and members of the European Union should assume more responsibility for the fate of refugees, the Associated Press reports.
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“Russia – are you nuts!”(C)

In 1953 year he was made a coup, seized power parturiate. For forty years the traitors of the Communist party led the people, breaking it over his knee. Elections to the state Duma of the first convocation has played a role of referendum, which showed that the nation is not crazy, despite massive brainwashing and not from the USSR refused…

Originally posted by friend at “New political year”, which never happened. Memories of ‘ 93 the year

22 years ago, on 12 December 1993 took place the memorable meeting of the “New political year” — the liberals that illegally seized power in October 1993, was going to celebrate his next victory — in the elections to the State Duma of the first convocation. But there it was…
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Don’t eat Russian!

Redneck party rednecks of the liberal democratic party today issued a statement, which called on Turkish and not have to stick to the points of sale of Turkish goods with the words: “don’t eat Turkish!”

Suggest another sticker that says: “don’T EAT the RUSSIAN SHEEP will BECOME!”
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Venezuela is preparing for historic elections, or what the Venezuelan ballot box.

After the victory of the right in Argentina progressive Latin America froze in anticipation of parliamentary elections in Venezuela on December 6, much of which depends on the continent. As Venezuela prepares for elections? And how do Venezuelans vote? About this photo:
For 15 years in Venezuela was more than 20 electoral campaigns. Venezuela can not be accused of undemocratic about trumpeting its enemies. But this election is special, however, as always in the Homeland of chávez. Every election is a clash of two opposing worldviews. Now I wanted to show the voting process in Venezuela clearly, I have little writing, and he, interestingly, is almost fully automated and protected against fraud.

1. In the run-up to elections in the shop, where mostruosa the voting machines arrived international inspection, check that all democratic. The Commission will test approximately 200 vehicles, which is 0.5 percent of the total.

2. So tested myself poll. But the voting process is very original. On this scoreboard the voter chooses the party for which he gives voice. So here is the answer to the question in the topic of the post: no of ballot boxes in Venezuela there is already an anachronism.

3. Those who voted down any finger in a special ink. This avoids re-vote. The paint lasts more than a day.

4. Then brag of voters participating in elections:

5. The President is no exception) during the election period in Integrum is the most popular photo in Venezuela.

6. That is such an original advertising move: “whatever, but vote!”

7.There is cartoons on the subject. “Exit” (salida) – the name of opposition plans to destabilize the country. So the type of criticism of the elections.

8. But back to our workshop where the Commission goes. His carefully guarded military:

9. In the composition of the Commission and representatives of the opposition. MUD coalition of opposition parties, stands for “table of democratic unity”, the truth is no unity there, but the name pretty.

10. We are now testing the part of the device, where the fixed fingers of otpechatok. In this black aperture voter puts the finger, and it identifies in a common database.

11. That’s the way it happens in life:

12. it looks like a panorama of the voting machines. I must say, expensive and not every country can afford it. Automation of the vote – one of the leading innovations of Venezuela, in Latin America such systems is no more. there is, I think in the Netherlands, but could be wrong.

13. it looks like the popular Twitter advertising poster power: “Absolute victory on 6 December”. And profile Chavez.

14. “Protect the Homeland” on 6 December.

15. Vote on December 6th. The main thing now is establish turnout. if the people will come – a battle won by chavismo.

We will wait.

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